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How Racism Came About Essay Research Paper

How Racism Came About Essay, Research Paper

In the beginning Ignorance and Ethnocentricity ruled theworld. They were both mortal and knew that when they hadchildren together their ways would live on forever. Ignoranceand Ethnocentricity were wed and, together, later bore Jelus,Hatri, Selfic, and the meanest Raci. They were all strong boys who would soon grow to bestrong men. All of the Gods were mortal, yet immortal. Thismeans they could die, but they wouldn t. Jelus was a Cyclops, meaning he had only one large eye inthe center of his forehead. He would always think that hisbrothers were better than he. His one wish would be to lookthe same way as everyone else in his family and to have anormal looking face. He demonstrated his resentment byinsulting the family. Hatri was a big and red devil with black pointedeyebrows that headed straight for his nose. He loathed all ofhis brothers for his own personal reasons. He found hisbrothers bothersome and humdrum. Selfic kept everything he owned to himself. He wouldnever share his toys or ideas with anyone else. He looked likea big baby with his teddy bear always tucked under one arm

and something else always tucked under the other. Raci was the meanest and weakest child of all. He wouldpretend to be strong and aggressive, but inside would alwaysbe vicious and unstable. He looked like the average maletoday. He despised his brothers with a passion because theylooked differently than he. This feeling of hate was not kept asecret from his brothers. He was always looking at hisbrothers with one eyebrow up and the other down. He wasincessantly telling them how moronic they were and howmuch greater he was than they. He constantly made narrowminded comments towards his brothers. When Raci wasn tmaking fun of Hatri s eyebrows, he was taunting Jelus abouthis eye. The pattern never stopped. He never had a lack ofpeople to harass or a lack of words to harass them with. Ethnocentricity held her favorite son Raci and said toher husband, Look at our little god. He will grow to carryout every wish, dream, and hope we ve ever had plus more. We ve succeeded in our hope to change the world, holleredIgnorance. Our children can and will be Immortal. by yaya369@aol.com