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TV Violence Essay Research Paper What would

T.V. Violence Essay, Research Paper

What would we do today without television? Some people would say: no way, television is a big part of my life or it keeps my kids out of my way. Certainly, television is a great source of entertainment and news, but it also has its disadvantages. Today television is one of the main sources of violence in our society. This problem brings out many controversies. Some people say that violence on television can drive people to criminal acts as robberies and murders. Others say that media has no part in that and everyone is always responsible for their own actions.

The kids who watch television are sometimes pulled into its quite realistic world of violence. From that world children get their new and cool ideas which sometimes result in aggressive behavior. A child s brain is like a sponge, it absorbs everything that he/she sees and hears. There have been numerous incidents where children brought guns to school and opened fire or teenagers who murdered people the way they saw it on television. One example is Ben Darras and Sarah Edmondson who murdered one innocent person and injured another after they saw Oliver Stone s film Natural Born Killers. Another teenager murdered his own parents. After he was asked why de did it, he said that he wanted to be just like one of the psychotic characters in a horror film. These are examples of how the television can affect a child.

Television is definitely a major source of violence in children and it does affect people s behaviors, making them more violent, and the effect can last forever. Therefore, this problem should not be ignored!

Because television has been proven to plat an active role in shaping child s behavior, the amount of violent programs should be reduced. American public chooses to view these programs at the risk of adapting violent behavior. Unfortunately, there is no limit to the high ratings prove the public interest.

There are many ways to prevent children from getting violent from watching television. One such solution is for the public to stop supporting the violent programming: stop buying products that are being advertised during these programs. Perhaps the best way to prevent kids from watching Television Violence is to stop is where it begins. Parents should turn off the television set when a violent program comes on. They should talk to their children and explain to them that violence is wrong. The kids should listen, because parents are the children s role models. If every parent in the world communicated with his/her child well enough, the world would be a better place.