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Laghston Hughes Essay Research Paper RPG Vault

Laghston Hughes Essay, Research Paper

RPG Vault: Tor Andre Wigmostad – December 23, 1999

It’s the year 29,475 AD, and there isn’t a single elf in sight. Humanity has colonized much of the

Milky Way including Rubi-Ka, an inhospitable desert world that would be of no interest except for

its stores of Notum, the rare material that powers nanotechnology. Gamers looking for a persistent

online world with a science-fiction setting may be interested in Anarchy-Online, currently in

development by Norwegian-based Funcom. We’ve been following this title since about last summer,

a year before any real information was revealed. To learn more and to see where it stands at the

moment, we caught up with project manager Tor Andre Wigmostad.

IGN PC: Martin Amor – December 15, 1999

We’ve been following the progress of Anarchy Online closely ever since we first heard about it way

back in April of this year, as much for selfish reasons as to inform you, our readers, about the

game. Simply put, this game looks white hot, and we were amazed when we finally saw it up and

running at this year’s ECTS. Well, we can’t help but bug the development team every time we need

another Anarchy Online fix, so we sent off a few questions to Lead Programmer Martin Amor.

RPG Vault: Tommy Strand – June 9, 1999

Anarchy-Online is a multi-player online world which first came to my attention several months ago,

and which I have been keeping an eye on ever since. One aspect which caught my attention was the

setting, an alien world some 30,000 years in the future. The Norwegian-Irish developer, Funcom,

wasn’t ready to reveal very much about the game at that time. However, they have since put up an

official Anarchy-Online website, and have recently begun to unveil information about various

elements of the game. Now that Funcom and the Anarchy-Online team are willing to talk, I was

first in line to obtain this extensive and very informative interview with Producer Tommy Strand.

Other Interviews

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