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King Hussein Essay Research Paper Jeffery SheuINTRODUCTIONHi

King Hussein Essay, Research Paper

Jeffery Sheu


Hi, my name is Jeff, my topic is about Jordan and the peace talks, or in other words about King Hussein dying, the fights with Palestinians. I personally chose this theme because it really interests me. I could have done Y2K, the space station, or even the President, but those did not interest me so if I did do it I wouldn t have gotten a good grade.

King Hussein was a great leader to the Jordanians but he also played an important role with the U.S and the peace talks with the Palestinians. But recently he has been diagnosed with cancer and died. To the Jordanians this was practically the end of the world. So his son is taking over for him, the question is will he go on with the mid-eastern peace talks or not? (if you want to know more please read on).


I chose this magazine article because it talks a lot about the mid eastern peace talks especially about Jordan s part in it. this is related to my theme because my theme is about Jordan and the Peace talks and that is practically what the article was about. The article s most important part is the part where it talks about how King Hussein s son is taking over the peace part that King Hussein had.


I chose this article because it gets right to the point. This was about King Hussein dying, but it does chat a little bit about the peace things. Hussein had a huge part in the peace program, same with Mr. Netanyahu, Yasir Arafat, and President Clinton.


I chose this picture because it has a picture of King Hussein s portrait and his son (the king) standing beside it. To me it is a very strong picture, and meaningful picture. It doesn t just mean that a person died and someone is taking over, but it sort of in a way means that but it is more complex.


I chose the book because it talks about Jordan s history. For example, how they were about to go to war with some other mid-eastern countries. But the book is old so it does not talk about the peace process. It gives a brief history about King Hussein, like how he likes planes and how he was a general.


I chose this because it had a detailed article about Abdulla s future job as a king .(A.K.A King Hussein the second.) Abdulla is going to continue the peace talks. This article also gives a brief history of Jordan and its people.