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God Essay Research Paper To say that

God Essay, Research Paper

To say that God does exist, is to say that we can prove God exists by describing some proof we have of this statement, or at least a being with what we think some of the attributes of a God would be. Since we cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that God exists we have to infer certain things about how we came to be. We can do this by using terms such as motion and causality. These are terms that attempt to explain that for every action there must be a cause, or chain of events, In this case, humans being the action, and God being the cause. Theory of motion says that in the world there are things in motion, which were set to motion by objects other then themselves. Furthermore for every effect there is a cause that preceded it, and since there are no infinite causal chains, there must be an entity that set the first moving object into motion. This infers that the object to set everything in motion was God.

So God defined is, a first cause in the chain of causes, an absolutely necessary being, and an absolutely perfect being. The spiritual being of God is further defined as an entity outside of nature.

Can these attributes explain God as being the object to set the first being of nature in motion? Some would say that there need not be an explanation for where God originated from, or that if one insists that the world had a cause, one must also insist that God had a cause. This is like asking, “Who made the unmakable being?” or “Who caused the uncausable being?”

If we are to believe this argument, we say that God is infinite and needed no creator, but I think this is just a scapegoat to explain a flaw in this argument. I think there should be an explanation for where God came from if there is such a being. To say that God exists merely because in the natural world creation cannot be explained, is like saying that if we did not know how electricity worked, and could not come up with an explanation within our knowledge of the natural world we would just chalk it up to magic or some other unknown force.

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