Felicia The Critic Essay Research Paper In

Felicia The Critic Essay, Research Paper

In the book Felicia the Critic the main character Felicia shows a huge amount of perseverance. Perseverance is not giving up when times are at its worst. It is not backing out of something because you say you can?t do the task. It is following through with a task without ever wining. It is people like Felicia who show great perseverance. I will give just a few examples of Felicia showing perseverance in her quest to be a constructive critic.

Felicia had just realized that she had an ability to make things better. Her mother told her that there were people in the world who get paid to criticize. From that moment on Felicia knew that her goal in life was to become a constructive critic, but she needed a first task. She had an idea. Her broom closet was a mess and she thought that she could really help make a difference to make the broom closet more efficient. She sat down and started writing down her ideas on a sheet of paper as neat as she could. She showed it to her mom and her mom agreed to let Felicia tackle the job. Felicia finally completed her task and it was a huge success.

The next day Felicia needed job and the crossing guard was her challenge. Everyday Felicia walked to school it took her forever to get across the street because the crossing guard always let the cars go first before the kids. Felicia pulled out a sheet of paper and started writing her ideas on how to make it faster for kids to get to school. The next day she tried to give the crossing guard her suggestions but he wouldn?t take them. Felicia tried and tried to get him to pay attention to her but he just wouldn?t listen. She caused the biggest jam in the history of that school and finally the crossing guard took her suggestions and let her cross. The day after that she had been walking to school again and realized that the crossing guard had been using some of her suggestions and the kids got to school much faster.

Felicia and friends held a carnival. Felicia knew it would be a failure but she didn?t say anything because she had gotten in trouble for criticizing people at a wedding. The carnival was a horrible failure. Felicia thought she should have said something but she didn?t. Felicia and the others sat down to talk about what went wrong. Her friends yelled at Felicia for not telling them that it would be a failure. Her friend Cheryl stood up for her and said this statement.

?You know,? Cheryl said, ?it?s not everybody who can see when things are going to wrong. We didn?t. It must be a talent, to be able to know when an idea is not going to work or to see the mistakes in things.?

Felicia realized that some people do actually appreciate it when she gives them a little constructive criticism. She even gave the friends ideas about how the carnival can be better the next time. When Felicia got out her constructive criticism notebook and starting writing in it for the first time in awhile since she had gotten in trouble at a wedding.

In my opinion Felicia shows perseverance throughout the book. When she got in trouble she lifted herself back up and followed through with her task. She never gave up and kept trying to become a constructive critic. To sum it all up Felicia never gave up so she is my choice for a character that shows


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