The Price Of The War Essay Research

The Price Of The War Essay, Research Paper


The Ethnic Albanians and the Serbian religions have been fighting for centuries between religion and border disputes. The Serbian religion is one as the Catholicism in that it has an orthodox for it’s leading religious ceremonies and in the orthodox there is its Archbishop, Bishops, Fathers, Priests, and Saints. Where on the other hand the Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo are Christians who believe that their god is the uprising one who will save all.

The Serbian empire in Yugoslavia has a powerful leader on their side named Slobadan Milosevic; he to a Serb, wants no part with the Albanians from Kosovo except to rid of them all. He has sent many Albanians on “long hellish train rides to the out skirts of the Kosovo borders.” ( Denis et Al 30) For many years since

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the Serbs have been the dominating religion, over powering the Albanians. “The Serbs have totally depopulated cities such as Pristina and Pec.” (Denis et Al 30) Those who did not want to leave their homes were either killed or deported with no way of returning back to Kosovo.

Milosevic has had a plan of mass genocide and or exportation of the Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo for purposes of expanding Yugoslavia and to rid the kosovars like Hitler’s plan for the Jewish religion.

Sometime in late march the Ethnic Albanians made a cry for help. Not only did we, the United States, hear it but so did NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Both of us formed together with Great Britain and Italy to form a strong secure bond in order to help return the Albanians back to their home land in Kosovo. On March 23, 1999 the United States and NATO addressed their public that they were to strike the Serbian Army with forceful air tactics in Kosovo on March 24th, 1999. In fact we did that. Exactly six PM central standard time the United States launched their first missile on a Serbian Air base

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inside of Kosovo. From that day on until the present day of today May 18th, 1999 the U.S. Armed Forces and NATO has bombed Milosevics’ army and armed buildings in and through out Kosovo.

Although cost is a major issue in the Kosovo crisis, the United States’ involvement in Kosovo should commence for

the safety and the return of the Ethnic Albanians and NATO will have a larger percentage of achieving their goals.

As you may know, war is expensive, whether it is only a day long, a week or even a year war cost money and lives. “An average of 18 – 27 million dollars has been used a day on war heads and ammunition in the Kosovo crisis alone by the United states, not to mention the extra three million dollars used for the expense on the U.S. troops that have been sent over there.” (Lost of war 27). “The Pentagon projects that an expanding air war will cost a total of more than five billion dollars this fiscal year which ends September 30, 1999.” (Lost of war 27). If you average this up we are talking roughly among 792 million –

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1,188 billion dollars spent already on war heads and ammunition. Along with the extra 132 million on troop support that we have over there. That is a lot of money; but all of it is needed for the safety of our troops, NATO’s troops and the return of the Ethnic Albanians.

The U.S. has sent 7 aircraft carriers and over 300 war planes to Italy and Great Britain. These planes include the: B-2 Stealth Bomber, the Stealth Fighter jet, the F-15 Eagle, fuel carriers, and the famous Tomahawk Fighter that can takeoff straight up and down from a stand still position.

Along with the planes and the carriers, President Clinton ordered an extra 30 Apache helicopters to fly over to Italy to help support our ground tactics. Because of their slow speed and slow maneuvering they were more of a target rather than hitting their targets so, on May 14th, 1999 because of Clinton’s reasons the helicopters were ordered to return to the United States.

We are now in the process of maneuvering our satellites in ordinances of blocking telepathic

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communication from the Serbs. The United States has a total of four satellites in orbit to cause interference in communication, see infrared, locate enemy target coordinates and to locate any alien projectiles aimed or launched in our direction.

All of these actions and the spending is a vital role in helping the Kosovars in getting their homes back. Along with the actions from the United States NATO enforcement’s are doing the same but from a different view in the country.

Try to imagine a country the size of Ohio populated by the size of California and all of its major cities. Now, imagine with the NATO forces rolling in from the north invading Kosovo and the United States along with Great Britain running up from the south into Kosovo; Milosevic has no where to run or hide.

With the United States withdrawing from the crisis in Kosovo, the NATO forces and Great Britain will not be able to with stand the Serbs by themselves. Meaning that the refugee’s will not be able to return home nor will the Albanians see their families again. The

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United States is the largest and most dominating country in this war.

Because the United States is still in this battle between the two religions, NATO’s goals can be reached with more ease. Since the bombings have occurred in Kosovo by the U.S. and NATO’s forces a total of 17% of refugees forced to leave their homes and who has left their homes already has dropped.

One way that the allies can win this war is to pull together as a unit whole. If NATO and the U.S. combine their total warfare and use it to strike only on the Serbian Empire, then the war will be over with in a matter of days. We must all communicate with each other in order to bring an end to this crisis in Kosovo. All of the Ethnic Albanians who has already died from this tragedy should not have lost their lives due to the mass genocide and excommunication performed by Milosevic, the Serbian President. With the United States and NATO’s enforcement inside Kosovo along with the help of other countries in and around the world, we will bring an end to this unnecessary crisis. We have

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gotten through them before and we will certainly be able to do it again.

“So far a total of 492,000 plus, kosovars have fled or has been deported out of Kosovo. 188,000 refugees have been sent to near by Albania, 131,000 sent to the neighboring country of Macedonia, 57,000 to Montenegro, and another 116,000 refugees has have been sent to other neighboring countries, some even arrived here to the United States.

Let us, the United States and our fellow Allied countries take control of the situation and handle Milosevic with the proper authorities, the United Nations. Then we will help bring back the peace between the two religions and let freedom reveal it self over the Ethnic Albanians.



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