’s Grand Adventure Essay, Research Paper

Dochyel stood very stiffly at the bottom of the old stairs that lead up to the attic. He held a large serving spoon that was stained with spaghetti in his right hand. In his left hand he firmly held one of his mothers cast iron lids to her frying pan. On his head he sported a metal spaghetti strainer. He was prepared to face anything that was up there. He looked up the chipped stairs, but just by the look of them he didn’t want to go up because they were old and cracked and he was afraid the stairs would eat him before he reached the top. He stepped on the first step, it squeaked under his pressure, as did all the other steps. His foot made a small thud as he continued up the stairs. He gripped his spoon and lid tighter until he could see the whites of his knuckles, and his palms began to sweat. He knew he had no business being up there, but he could swear something lived in his attic.

When Dochyel was asleep, he could hear faint voices coming from his attic. The claws of a ferocious beast would scrap across the ceiling above his head. He knew something lived up there. He would listen to the voices and they would say to him “let us out, please, help us”. He would lie in bed and cry because he knew that those people were being eaten alive by that horrible creature in his attic.

It was up to him now to save those people. He stood in front of the large oak door, which separated him and the monster. He could smell the beast?s odor through the door. He started to sweat as he turned the brass textured doorknob. The door opened with a long excruciating squeak, that he was sure woke up the carnivorous animal. The room was filled with boxes packed with clothes, stuffed animals, old books, and a few other odds and ends. All the boxes were stacked halfway neatly on the walls that were old and worn away with time, leaving a path to the end of the attic.

He stepped inside and the floorboards screamed in pain at the pressure of his foot. Stirring up dust with every step he continued to walk into the dank smelling lair. Suddenly, he stopped and spun around stirring up a lot of dust that blurred his vision. He began to cough as the old air filled his lungs. He squinted so he could see the figure that stood behind the door. Was it really his imagination, or did it move? He approached the dark towering figure. He didn’t get but half way to it before the beast?s claws had engulfed him. He swung his spoon to get free but the long thin claws kept tearing at him. The more he moved the more it clawed, and finally he screamed as he heard the voices again.

“What in the world are you doing, Dochyel?” asked a familiar voice. He stopped swinging and kicking long enough to see that his sister had come to his rescue. When he looked around he noticed that he was not attacking a monster. A box of hangers accosted him from high above. “I was trying to save the people from a hideous monster that lives in here.” he proclaimed with what little pride he had left. His sister gave a very perplexed look, so Dochyel explained that he would often hear voices, and beasts crawling around at night. His sister laughed a very loud laugh, and proceeded to tell him what was going on.

“As you know, Dochyel, Christmas is just around the corner and mom and dad store all the presents up here. The voices were just mom and dad, and the beast claws you heard were probably mom and dad too.” Dochyel was shocked to hear this. His sister led him out of the attic and put way all his utensils. He could swear there was a monster lived up here. That night he went to bed and heard the noises again, but He knew this time that it was his mom and dad, until they came in to give him a hug and a kiss good night!




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