College A Constuctive Burden Essay Research Paper

College: A Constuctive Burden Essay, Research Paper

College; A Constructive Burden

As an incoming new freshman all of the college hustle and bustle can encircle a student quickly. All of a sudden Mom is not there to feed you, give you money and especially to do your laundry. Then before you know it you get behind in schoolwork, bills, have no food to eat and have piles of dirty clothes lying around. Each and every one of these are common college realizations.

The first few weeks were not bad, after high school graduation, you receive masses of new cool stuff to decorate your dorm room. When you finally get adapted to college life, you realize that tomorrow you have 3 tests, 1 paper and a lab due. This is when it all hits that college is a whole different world than high school.

The next thing, after the outrageous explosion of homework, you obtain your first credit card ever, this means that it is tome to go shopping. Now that your closet is full of new clothes, you get your 500-dollar bill in next weeks mail; suddenly you rapidly fall into debt. Increasingly everything is starting to build up stress and a large burden is placed on your shoulders.

At this moment it seems like a good idea to go back to your dorm and grab something to eat, but when you walk in you see that everything is bone dry. You are so stressed out it seems like if one thing isn’t wrong then it is another, you feel like your about to explode.

Soon after, you notice that your new 500-dollar wardrobe has transformed into a heaping pile of dirty grungy clothes in the middle of your floor. This requires that you have to scrounge up some loose change to do some laundry for the first time ever. It takes a couple of trial loads that turn white shirts into pink ones and regular blue jeans into jeans that shrunk 2 sizes and now are able to fit your little brother, before you figure out how to successfully do your own laundry.

After many lessons learned, I have come to the conclusion that with college comes a large quantity of stress, but also responsibility is cultured in the long run. In order to not get behind in college and be efficient, we have to discover how to manage our time wisely, thus providing adequate time to complete homework and extra time to accomplish demanding chores and leisure activities.


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