Justinian Essay Research Paper JustinianJustinian I had

Justinian Essay, Research Paper


Justinian I had a very significant role in world history. Justinian was a great architect. Justinian was born a barbarian, born of Slavic parents in Illyia. Historians don t know much of his early years except that his uncle adopted him. His uncle was Justin I, the emperor of Constantinople.

Then in 527 A.D., Justin made Justinian a co-ruler. Four months later, when Justin died, Justinian became the sole emperor. This was the beginning of Justinian s rule which lasted from 527 A.D. through 565 A.D. The reign of Justinian was significant in many ways.

First, it marked the final end of the Roman Empire. It was the launch of the New Byzantine Empire. It was also the beginning of Western Europe s unique position within the civilization of the old world. The religion of Islam spread and the Franks rose to power. Justinian s rule saw an increase in the areas of architecture, the arts, and literature. It was a time of re-building for the empire. Justinian pursued an elaborate dream of restoring the old Roman Empire. Justinian led the Byzantine army in many wars to regain this land.

These wars destroyed much of the great architecture that Justinian himself had created. During the western wars Justinian bought peace with the Persians. Justinian tried to restore the empire to match the size that it was at the time of the Roman Empire. These massive military efforts did all but drain the empire s treasury. Justinian even had to pay Persia for peace just so that he could have a free hand in the west. However, even after Justinian s immeasurable efforts, after his death, most of Italy and Southern Spain were once again recaptured, leaving only Justinian s dream of restoring the empire to the glory it once knew. His dream had failed The westerners didn t want to return to some of the old Roman ways such as Roman taxation, Roman justice, and the imperial influences in their lives. The Easterners didn t want to waste money defending western conquests and were impoverished by the cost of these wars. There were great losses due to the wars. Justinian weaken many Germanic tribes was. The only tribe untouched by Justinian was the Burgundians who had too few people to exercise any real power. Easterners didn t stop the new invaders in the west when Justinian died. The Persians recognized the weakness, and after Justinian s death, they attacked the Byzantine Empire.

Finally, in 632 AD, the Byzantine s were victorious over the Persians but because both of the groups of people were so weak, it was easy for the Muslim armies to overthrow them Justinian felt many of the laws of Byzantium were very confusing. many were out of date, some contradicting others, and not in one place did a complete collection of the laws exist. To solve this problem, Justinian assigned a commission to study the problem. Their work resulted in the publication of the Code of Justinian.

The Code was published on April 7, 529. Parts of Justinian s Code resembles parts of Hammarabi s Code.Justinian was very religious. He strengthened Christianity at the expense of non-Christian culture. Justinian abolished all pagan teachers and all schools of pagan philosophy. Justinian was undoubtedly the most famous of Byzantine emperors. Justice , the meaning and spelling are taken from Justinian. He was married to Theodora, who was a famous actress. The results of his decisions were critical in the development in western Europe.. Justinian is known as the last great Roman Emperor. Justinian was a very important ruler who did much to influence history.


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