Abortion Bill Essay Research Paper 106th Congress1st

Abortion Bill Essay, Research Paper

106th Congress

1st Session

House of Representatives

To reform abortion in the United States


Ms. Blank/Representative introduced the following bill that was referred to the committee

on public healthcare and welfare.



To initiate an abortion bill that would allow women the choice to decide the fate of their unborn child.

1. Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives

2. In the United States in Congress Assembled


4. This act may be cited as the “Abortion Freedom Act of 2000″

5. The PURPOSES of this act are:

6. (1) To give a woman free choice regarding abortions

7. (2) To keep public facilitates from restricting abortions.

8. (3) To have abortions readily available for women, regardless of background and such.


10. The following subsections of House of Representatives shall be established to accomplish the said 11. purposes:


13. a. The federal government cannot prevent any woman from having an abortion.

14.b. Funding for abortions would be provided by the government and money would be taken out

15. of the defense budget for select cases.

16.c. Federal government does not have a say on who can and cannot have an abortion.

17.d. Abortions to women under the age of eighteen must have parent notification; however, no

18. parent has the right to make the final decision.

19.e. No state, city, county… can prosecute anyone who preformed or had an abortion.


21.a. Women will be escorted in and out of the building by guards.

22.b. Women will stay in the clinic for a mandatory minium of two days after the operation to

23. ensure that no health or immediate mental problems arise.

24.c. Protestors will be ordered to stay away from the women and doctors, or be charged with

25. harassment.

26.d. Whether or not a woman has had an abortion will not be used as evidence in a trial.

27.e. Protection for a woman, her family… can be provided upon request.


29.a. Required counseling for each and every woman after an abortion.

30. b. Women considering an abortion will be required to have counseling before hand.

31.c. Any family member can request and receive counseling.

32.d. Abortion clinic workers will be required to receive counseling once a month.

32. (4) CHILDREN:

33.a. If an abortion is not completed, the woman decides against it, or the pregnancy is in the third

34. trimester, the baby will be given up for adoption.

35.b. Children adopted out rather than aborted will be given required counseling for as long as it is

36. needed.

37.c. Third trimester abortions will be illegal in any circumstance.

38. (4) OVERSIGHT:

39.a. Abortion clinics will have mandatory checks every three months, with surprise inspections in

40. between.

41b. Before clinic employees and doctors are hired there will be an intense and extensive

42. background check.

43.c. Regular checkups will be made to ensure that all regulations and laws are being abided.

44.d. Older clinics will have to be remodeled before practice begins.

45.e. An emergency medic will be on hand during the abortions, should any problems arise with the patient.


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