Diabolical Mind Essay Research Paper Serial killing

Diabolical Mind Essay, Research Paper

Serial killing, rape, stealing all these types of heinous crimes may be done by

someone who seems to be normal, but in actuality this person may be very sick.

There are people in the world today who wear masks and pretend to be something

they are not. These people are psychopaths. Psychopaths fit in to society with

the public not knowing what are capable of. What is it that causes people to

become psychopaths? What is it that creates the diabolical mind? It is very

disturbing for normal people to accept why serial killers, murderers etc. are

motivated to commit such a brutal offence but, what society assumes is that

these people have a conscience. Psychopaths have no conscience and no remorse

for their victims. It has not yet been officially scientifically confirmed yet

but scientists / psychologists believe that these people may lack something in

their brain. Several tests have been done that show evidence to that the inner

workings of a psychopath`s brain do not work the same as sain people`s brains.

The previous is well illustrated in the following : The subjects were asked to

perform a simple task : hit a button as soon as they recognised a word flashed

on the screen …. What they found was that normal subjects spent more time

processing emotion- laden words then the psychopaths. (No conscience, no remorse

pg 2 of 2) The problem may not only originate from a brain defect but it may

also come from child-hood situations. Most media famed psychopaths (Adolph

Hitler, Ted Bundy, Sadaam Housaine) came from broken homes and were beaten by

their fathers . The insecurity of these individuals caused they to terrorize,

rape and murder people to make them fell superior . They needed a feeling of

superiority due to the way they were treated as a child. This treatment during

the younger stages of their life made them feel excessively inferior. The

behaviour of an individual with the diabolical mind can be described easily by

one word , mask . Diabolical people try to fit in today`s society by putting on

a show or wearing a mask. They try to fit in by being very sociable, getting a

good job and having a family . This is all to cover-up their true nature, their

true selves. Psychopaths are quite sensible and know what is right and wrong. A

good example of a phycopath is : charming, self-interested, glip and impulsive

individuals . (No conscience, no remorse pg 1 of 2) . These people often hold

down jobs where they can be corrupt. They have jobs like manipulative corporate

careerists , thugs in professional sports or as underhanded politicians . Ted

Bundy is one of the most well known psychopaths and serial killers to date. This

is a man who came from a broken home. His father abused him and molested him.

This may have caused Ted to become a twisted man. In high school Ted was very

quiet and had all of these emotions inside of him. He did not seek help which

may have caused these emotions to turn to an anger that brewed inside of him.

When Ted became a man and was attending University this anger was most likely

deep seeded. Ted held down a job in the Republican party where he lived, he had

a wife and he was very sociable. Ted to the people who knew him seemed to live a

normal life. He was pleasing to the eye, he was very companionable, he was

generally fun to have in company. What his friends and relatives did not know is

that there was something seriously wrong with Ted. Ted due to his emotions of

inferiority and anger striked out at innocent victims. His victims were usually

college girls . He would approach them in many different ways , he would ask for

help, he would approach them with crutches and so on. After having the girl

believe his plight is not ill natured he kidnaps them and brutally murders the

girls. After he had killed over 20 times he was caught. During the trials he

represented himself. He also was married at the stand. He escaped once but

finally was convicted and sentenced to death . During the time he was in prison

his wife became pregnant and this shell of a man had a child. Psychopaths like

this are hurting society in many ways. Something has to be done to examine where

exactly the psychopathic phenomena originates . These cold-blooded individuals

have to be stopped from committing barbarous acts . Perhaps, police should

investigate families with broken homes to look for abuse. Some research is being

done which could ultimately cure the psychopathic mind. If something is not done

individuals like Ted Bundy could strike again at innocent victims.


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