HALOCUST Essay Research Paper Prejudice was the

HALOCUST Essay, Research Paper

Prejudice was the main factor that led to the holocaust. For some, resisting these forms of oppression was survival. Considering the dehumanizing the Nazis had forced upon the Jews, people took whatever courage and strength they had to get through this period of time. I believe luck also had a part to play in survival. Even though now prejudice is mostly name calling, 60 years ago it could mean death. Whether one is resisting the Nazis or just resisting prejudice in general, one must never give up what they truly think and believe.

If the collection of the Jews occurred when I was in Europe, I would have resisted to a point. I would not want to put myself in grave danger. I would have hide in people?s attics, but if caught I would not flee. That would be worse than going to a concentration camp. For I would rather take my chance in a ?deathcamp? then run away from the Gestapo.

I believe that if I were in a concentration camp I would not have held very much resistance in fear of death. I would have acted very selfishly only looking out for myself because there was no other way to survive, but I would have to live with the guilt for the rest of my life of not helping others. I would try to keep my hope in life. Seeing and knowing how people trying to escape were punished, I would most likely not try to escape. My faith in God would have been higher than my will to risk death to escape. Having knowledge that most people attempting to escape were killed on the spot would have kept me where I was.

I have not been subject to any prejudice or bigotry in the last year. However, I do have strong feelings on the matter. I do not think anyone should have to sacrifice their pride and self-dignity for the ignorance of others. I have neighbors who are a minority in the town of Warren. I have made every effort to welcome them and treat them like anyone else. From a distance I am exposed to prejudice on the television and in the newspaper. Perhaps, we should speak out more about what we see in the media to make this world more tolerant of the differences between races, sexes, and religions.

Prejudice effects everyone. It has improved since the Holocaust, when the Nazis controlled Europe, but still exists. Preserving the memory of the Holocaust not only supports Jewish education but shows what tragedy and destruction can come out of prejudice. Simply to survive the prejudice of the Holocaust is a victory of the human spirit.


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