Robinson Crusoe And Gulliver Essay Research Paper

Robinson Crusoe And Gulliver Essay, Research Paper

In the books Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver?s Travels, the characters are portrayed as resemble characters, being capable of clear thought during tense and troubled times. Also they are both related with shipwreck, but they are able to go on. This quality posses within Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver is a result of the author’s background and knowledge.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe written by Daniel Defoe tells the story of Robinson Crusoe, a young man who disobeys the advice of his father about the value of religion and instead searches for adventure, ultimately getting himself on a deserted island. The narrative gives a detailed account of Crusoe’s efforts to survive that allows him to see the truth and search God. After being on the island for several years Crusoe learns to adapt to his surroundings and lives with what he has.

For example, ? I was cast on shore in this island, so that my wicked and solitary life began?. Shows that Crusoe is the only survivor of the shipwreck and he alone has to overcome the many obstacles that are in the island, just like Gulliver. These obstacles for Crusoe are cloth, food, and shelter. Crusoe manages to overcome all this obstacles by his deep desire to go on and not giving up because what keeps him alive was the desire to have control over his own life because he had lost the control of everything except that. So the desire to have control over his life gives him the sense to continue breathing.

In addition, ? Thus we never see the true state of our condition till it is illustrated to us by its contraries, nor know how to value what we enjoy but by the want of it.? Shows the great value that Crusoe finds in that island because for him the island is his home and he prefers to be in the island than to be lost in the wide ocean. He refers to the desolate, solitary island as the most pleasant place in the world for him.

Furthermore, ? Years later he discovers a footprint on the beach and he got scare that is not his.? Robinson Crusoe survives on his island and adapts very well to his surroundings that he becomes totally enraged with the thought of another human on the island because he thought there were cannibals. So he prepares his house for war, he is ready to kill anyone that comes near his sacred home, grain, and animals. His condition is now evident: the strengths of his character that has made him flourish in isolation has now distorted all his social instincts and civilized manners.

During the stay on the island, Robinson Crusoe becomes an architect, a carpenter, a baker, a tailor, a farmer, an umbrella maker, and even a preacher. But most important he learns to respect fate and he learns to trust in God above all.

Gulliver?s travels written by Jonathan Swift, talks about Gulliver as an ordinary, good man, not rich and the son of a small country holder. Like Crusoe, he posses the drive for adventure and the quality of a mentally sound individual.

For example ?In Lilliput, Gulliver shows himself to be good-natured and gentle with both the tiny people and their enemies.? Shows Gulliver assists in the war against Blefuscu by not injuring his “enemies.” But deprives them of their weapons, which inflict damage. By doing so he immediately shows his noble generosity and respect for the liberty of others by refusing to enslave the Blefuscudians. This is also a characteristic of Robinson Crusoe when he chooses not to kill Friday but instead teach him his language and about God. To his credit, Gulliver does not seriously consider killing his enemy, but rather flees. Gulliver has won the confidence of the reader as being trustworthy, a man of integrity, and with humanity.

In addition, ? What became of my companions in the boat, as well as of those who escaped on the rock or left the vessel, they were all lost.? Shows Gulliver as the only survivor of the shipwrecked. Like Crusoe, Gulliver could not discover any sign of houses or inhabitants at the beginning, but he later finds out that he is not alone in the island.

Furthermore, ?Gulliver travels to a country populated by intelligent horses, the Houyhnhnms, and the brutish, human-like Yahoos who serve them?. Shows Gulliver?s struggle with the fact of seeing himself as a Yahoo, because of the perfect human figure, but depicts the foul, ugly, obscene and stupid part of man. As Gulliver returns to the land of men, it clearly emerges that he is changed character. He suffers from an arrogant pride characterized by a man stepping out of his proper place in the world. The events Gulliver experienced changed his views about everything; he is not longer the same. Like Crusoe when the strengths of his character have distorted all his civilized manners, the same happens with Gulliver when his character is distorted by seeming himself as a Yahoo.

In conclusion, both Gulliver and Robinson are changing characters. At first they could not see the hidden details of life. But through solitude, trauma, conquest and failure have allowed both characters to realize the achievements and failures of mankind.


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