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Better School Environment Essay Research Paper In

Better School Environment Essay, Research Paper

In order to create a safer school environment through positive peer pressure, you have to have at least two variables. That way, in case one doesn?t work, you can always resort to the second, or even third method if needed. The first way could be to have a popular club dedicated to promote nonviolence, and the other way could be to always discuss having a safer school environment with the students.

The first method would be accomplished by having an after school club dedicated to promoting nonviolence. Many times, kids look up to students who are more popular than them. If the school could get kids to join this club, it would cause students to say to themselves that maybe since that kid is doing it, I should also because he?s really cool. This would cause a great chain reaction having everyone practicing nonviolence around the school. That would mean less fights, less theft, less vandalism, and almost every problem that a school has with violence relating to the students could be resolved with a simple club.

Of course, if that first idea doesn?t work, we have our second variable as a backup. The way that this method works is that it pretty much takes the idea of having a safer school environment and drills it into every students? head. Once a week on the morning announcements, you make an announcement about school violence and how it is either getting too bad, or how it should be improved, or even that it is getting better and should keep on getting better until their there is no more violence. Another way of sending this message constantly to the students is to have it discussed in social studies classes. Have the teacher allow students to discuss the school environment as in safety, appearance, and curriculum, and how they think it should be improved. Allowing students to come up with their own ideas often inspires them to take action. You can also even have flyers in the office on the same subject.

So in conclusion, you can see that there are many ways that a school can become safer through positive peer pressure. From forming a club or organization, to constantly reminding students about the school?s condition.