Diamonds Are Forever Essay Research Paper A

Diamonds Are Forever Essay, Research Paper

A Diamond is Forever

To women it represents pure beauty; to a man, money. It is a girl’s best friend, and a symbol of a man’s affection. The ad is directed to women, with the assumption that the women will present the ad to the men, giving a subliminal message that the diamond is exactly what they want. Men will attempt to do whatever it takes to show their affection and make women happy, including moving mountains or spending two months’ salary on a simple band of metal with a rock in it. The search for the perfect ring may take the man to the ends of the earth, or at least to a bigger mall, before that flawless gem is found and the woman’s approval is evident.

The simple band of metal with a rock in it that is just a ring to men, signifies beauty and elegance that is found to be attractive and exquisite to women. Women will seek special occassions to attend, just to show off the ring, while men are content to sit back and take all the credit for finding this wonderful treasure. As the woman displays her new diamond to her circle of friends, there is an obvious change in the atmosphere as a sense of competition between the men begins. The men will of course will have to rise to the challenge of providing a symbol of affection for their significant others that equals or surpasses the value of their friend’s diamond.

After the diamond is presented to its intended, the excitement builds and emotions run high. A woman may begin to dream of that elaborate wedding with seven bridesmaids and a church full of family and friends. As the woman makes plans of a future with the perfect mate, her emotions are ecstatic. Even though those emotions may sometimes take a turn for the worse , and low periods hit, all she has to do is look at the perfect diamond and she will be reminded that she has found that perfect mate that will love and take care of her forever. As the woman looks at this ad, she has many emotions running through her mind, but she always comes back to the exquisite beauty and briliance of the diamond.

It is not just the presence of the ring that catches the womans eye, but it is also the reassuring words that the ad portrays. The words “How can you make two months’ salary last forever?” implies that the diamond is a small price to pay for a token of love that will last forever. The ad also mentions “When you’ve found the woman of your dreams, give her the diamond of her dreams.” This catches the men’s attention, and gives him a comfort level for making the right decision in his purchase. The company name is immediately recognized in the ad by it’s bold face type, and the company’s long standing background is stated simply. The ad also indicates more information about the company and diamond buying tips through a free phone number or a visit to their web site.


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