Should High Schools Provide Birth Control Information

Should High Schools Provide Birth Control Information And Condomsms Essay, Research Paper

Should High Schools Provide Birth Control Information and Condoms

Teenage pregnancy during the late 90+s has risen tremendously throughout the years. Many studies have found that the number one age group of teenagers that become pregnant are between the ages of 15 and 16. This age group is just entering a world of it+s own called High School filled with homework, parties, drugs, and last but not least sex. Although most would disagree with me, I believe that high schools should not provide information about birth control and should especially not provide condoms. Instead high schools should inform the students about the responsibility that is taken when having sex, and how in these days it may be better to practice abstinance.

A way a High School could approach an issue like teen pregnancy is by simply stating the responsibility that is put on both partners when they make a choice to be sexually active. The female having the responsibility of raising a child on a day to day basis if she becomes pregnant. And the male having the responsibility of providing for him or her and also raising the child. Either way a male or a female who decides to have sex at an early age in life with or without a condom is taking a big risk to bring a child into their life even though they are not ready. When I say that they are not ready, I mean that both the male and the female have so many worries in their life as teenagers, whether it be finishing school, getting good grades and getting a head start in their future careers, that their life would be put on hold for a long time. So if the Teacher+s and the student+s can both realize this risk that is being taken, they would come to an understanding that it is better to be safe than sorry and hold out until a later time in your life when these teenagers are mature enough to take on this responsibility of raising a child. By passing out condoms at schools it would only encourage more kids to have sex, therefore increasing the percent of teenagers becoming pregnant. Studies also show that there is a failure rate of 12% when using a condom as a method of birth control, so the question lies: are the High Schools and High Schools students willing to take that risk. I have heard from many of my friends that tell me stories about how when they were in High Schools they would pass out condoms during sexual education class. But I personally attended a Christian High School which would not stand for such a thing because of the risks taken by having sex and by the number one reason being people should wait until marriage before engaging in sex.

There are several different reasons why I believe that a person (especially a High School student) should hold out on having sex until they are married. The number one reason is my moral standard, which is that it is best to save myself until marriage due to my belief in God. I was raised with this moral standard and I believe it with all my heart and soul, sometimes I even think that if every teenager had that mind set in there lives, teenage pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases would and could be at a stop today. The second reason that I believe teens should hold out until marriage is because they live in a time and society today in which sex is glorified in many different ways whether it be from movies, television, teen `magazines, or even by friends. These influences have a great impact on a teenager+s life and would most likely guide them into thinking sex is perfect. But in reality many teenagers are being fooled and even though there are many programs out there to warn kids about the dangers of sex and how much responsibility is needed in raising a child, they will never come to understand the extreme risk that is involved in sex and could end up becoming pregnant or even becoming infected by an STD. In my experience I would rather not have sex now so I don+t have to add to the worries I already have in my life.

In all, sex among teenagers in High School is very popular in today+s society. But so is teen pregnancy. The only way a High School could give a helping hand in this matter is not by providing condoms to students to fight a problem, but rather provide information to these students about the drawbacks of sex and not encouraging them to be sexually active at such a young age and instead providing a solution.



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