Naivete Is Not The Answer Essay Research

Naivete Is Not The Answer Essay, Research Paper

Naivet is Not the Answer Many high schools across the country have been considering whether to distribute condoms in public schools. Some feel that it would not be appropriate because it would promote sexual activity, while others believe that condom distribution will encourage sexually active students to use protection. Does dispersing condoms in public schools give the impression to teenagers that it is okay to engage in sexual activity, or does it help to safeguard their lives? This controversy has caused some emotional arguments that have put aside fair assessment. The people that believe in the distribution of condoms in public schools maintain that it is an appropriate site because they have an extensive array of related educational and health care resources. In contrast, the people against it believe that schools should not provide teenagers with something that aids them in the act of sex, when they shouldn’t be having sex at this age in the first place. Both sides agree that abstinence is the best message to give teenagers, but we would be na ve to believe that every teenager would practice abstention. The people that approve of condoms being distributed in public schools believe that most teenagers are too embarrassed to buy them, and too apprehensive to talk to their parents about sex issues, so they would rather go unprotected. They also worry about the serious health issues. When used properly, condoms can help eliminate of the risk of pregnancy and STD transmission. They believe that condoms can also help slow the spreading of the AID’s virus. With the majority of high school seniors being sexually active, they feel it is our responsibility to see that they have the correct information and means to protect themselves. Sex education is a good idea, however, some schools lack the properly trained personnel required. Teenagers are our future. If we can help spare them from the emotional pain from unwanted pregnancies, and/or physical pain from STD’s, then we need to do everything in our power to protect them.

Those who oppose the distribution of condoms in public schools feel that we will be advocating premarital sex. We will decrease family control and minimize the authority of the family. If teenagers felt they could go to their parents, families would not have to rely on schools to solve their problems. They believe that handing out condoms will only promote promiscuity, and since no contraceptive is one hundred percent effective, they say there is no such thing as safe sex. We would be sending a message to our teenagers that we do not have any faith in them to do the right thing, and that they have no self-control. By distributing condoms, they say we would be interfering with the parents’ right to oversee their children’s moral upbringing, and disregarding their religious beliefs. They believe people should be working to prevent diseases because condoms are not the solution. Teenagers today are receiving two messages. You should abstain from sex, but if you do have sex, use a condom. It reminds me of another complex message we hear. Don’t drink, but if you do drink, don’t drive. This message has saved many lives. Some people may believe that there is no such thing as safe sex, but there is a such thing as safer sex. Without having the access to condoms, teenagers may not use them. Therefore the risks increase and subsequently they play a form of Russian roulette. It is true STD’s can be cured, but no one has yet been cured of AIDS.


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