Hippies Essay Research Paper Speech on Hippies

Hippies Essay, Research Paper

Speech on Hippies

Intro- He shoots he scores you guessed it I am here to talk about the hippies of the

sixties and seventies. I am here to answer some questions you might have about

hippies like what are hippies? what music inspired them? what cooky things did they

do? what did they believe in?

a couple familiar names of this age are Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson

Airplane, the Beatles, Bob Marley, and more

The point of a hippie- The whole point of being a hippie is that peace is the only way

to resolve things. If you believe in this then you are somewhat a hippie. Most people

think to be a hippie you must were funky clothes, do drugs, attend music concerts,

decorate your room with lava lamps, shag carpeting, posters oh and a kicken sound

system to bug the parents and have lots and lots of sex, but that is not what you need

to have to be a hippie.

Important events- During the 60 s and 70 s a lot of important events happened. I have

created a list of some important events of each year through-out the 60 s and 70 s.

Here is one of them for each year. In 1960 John F Kennedy was elected president of

the USA. In 1961 the Berlin wall is constructed, in 1962 there was a anti nuclear march

including 4000 to 8000 protesters. In 1963 the tragic death of john F Kennedy and

another assignation took place on civil rights leader medger evens, in 1964 there was

two large riots and 3 missing civil rights workers found dead in the Mississippi river, in

1965 USA starts bombing in north Vietnam. In 1966 the summer of love is celebrated in

new York, in 1967 The Beatles announces that all of them have \”dropped acid.\” In

1968 Nixon is elected president and the musical HAIR is opened. 1969, the highlight of

hippie movement first man on the moon and Woodstock also Many student protesters

in 1970 Jimi Hendrix died.

Music- Hippies used music to express themselves emotionally, spiritually and

politically. Music can make a statement, give a voice to a movement or even unite

people. Music was not only something to listen to, but something to feel emotionally.

Hippies used music to try to convince the world to believe in peace. some great hits of

these crazy times were Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix Somebody to love by Jefferson

Airplane born to be wild by Steppenwolf and I shot the sheriff by Bob Marley.

Clothes -Clothing was huge in the 60 s and 70 s and come to think of it clothing is still

a huge thing now. In the 60 s and 70 s the style was basically whatever you can think

of. Examples of the style were bellbottoms, frilly shirts or no shits, platform shoes,

sometimes even with goldfish in them, tyedye shirts, colorful bandannas, and

lovebeads. I bet you are thinking ewwww gross what a style, but about half of you are

probably wearing something that has been brought back from that era.

Conclusion- Hippies helped to stop the war and helped the world by making them

believe in making love not war. Hippies also change the music style very significantly

by going from classical to ROCK N ROLL, and changed the style of clothes. Hippies

helped us out by creating a more free and fun life, and i would just like to say,

Thank you hippies, and thank you for listening to my speech.


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