Count Of Montecristo Essay Research Paper Well

Count Of Montecristo Essay, Research Paper

Well noticed in the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, as in The Merchant of Venice , The

themes vengeance, conspiracy and love are clearly shown throughout the book. The

protagonist in these stories share qualities as do the antagonist. Many times in each book

things that show each of these qualities are clearly visible. The reader of these novels can

easily see that throughout the story line of each book the protagonist are put through

many trials and tribulations, amidst all their problems and all the people that are after

them. Dante and Antonio have both earned conspiring enemies, loving partners and a load of problems.

Dante gets threes enemies throughout the storyline, they are as follows Danglar, who will

become captain of the ship if anything were to happen to Dante, Fernand who aspires to

win Dante love Mercedes, and Caderousse who is just a jealous neighbor. Antonio

becomes of one enemy the Shylock who does not want anything from Antonio but his life

which will bring him much fortune and more customers. Dantes incarceration of 14 years

brought a lot of vengeance into the story because , through this his enemies were able to

collect their superficial winnings except for Caderousse who remaining a poor man but

participated in the conspiracy as did the public prosecutor. Dante now as the count, puts

Caderousse through torture thanks to his greed which still after 14 years goes on. Fernand

who was able to get Mercedes love through his military heroism lived in the Parisian

society as the count and countess de Morecef .Through the testimony of of Haydee the

daughter of Ali pasha the counts benefactor, The count of Monte Cristo was able to destroy the count of Morecef. Dante is

able to destroy the prosecutor through the revealing of a crime which he committed in the

past making him insane. Last but not least he destroys Dangler financially thus revealing

his true identity. Even though the enemy of the count sought after something totally

different than the Shylock it showed the truth about the themes of greed and vengeance in

both stories. The Shylocks ultimate goal was to destroy the life of Antonio but to the

surprise of the reader the outcome is very different from the one expected. Although, the

Shylock is deserving of his bond, his greed and unmerciful ways lead him to have a group

of Antonio against him also the law of Venice. Nothing would stop the Shylock from

taking his pound of flesh as his bond. The Shylock stressed the need for

justice and the obedience to the laws of Venice which indeed was his

reason for peril. Since the laws stated that strict following of contracts

should be carried out , nowhere did it state that he may draw blood. With

this condition the Shylock was not able to recover the bond and for his

unmerciful behavior he was humilliated, was turned away from his

daughter, and last but not least lost what he aspired to make bigger which

was his fortune.The antagonists were all after materialistic things of the

protagonist, Dantes enemies were after his position, fortune and his love.

Antonio s enemy is after his revenge and self indulgence. All the enemies in

both books result to either death or misery thanks to their greed. They also

received the consequences of vengeance which were imposed by the people

who they tried to screw over.Loyalty and love are also clearly shown throughout the story. Antonio s friends were there

for him all throughout the trial. Dante was able to recooperate loyal friends who were able

to help him seek revenge to his enemies. From Monte Cristo s bandits to Bassanio these

characters who show true values of friendship and loyalty to their friends are present in

both novels.


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