Drugs In Society Essay Research Paper The

Drugs In Society Essay, Research Paper

The most significant problem facing young people in the inner city today is one problem but many problems put together. The use of drugs and the crime that occurs all intertwine and form one big problem. Also the lack of education doesn t help the young people either.

Drugs are part of the problem that young people in the inner city face everyday. But drugs are only a small part of the problem. Drugs are only a small part because drugs open everything up for the young people today like crime and what not. Drugs lead to crime by young people joining gangs and starts crime within a city. Drugs also hurt kids more then anything. Drugs mess up kids lives and opportunities that they may have.

Lack of education and employment opportunities also are a big problem in inner cities today. Lack of education and employment opportunities is mostly caused by the use of drugs and crime caused by the youth. Lack of education will get people no opportunities but young people dropping out from using drugs cause the lack of education and other crime related things.

Most crime occurs in the inner city but young people who are involved in gangs of some sort. Most of the gangs involved in crime do some sort of drug and only distributes it to other people. This causes more problems for more people because it gets other people using drugs and wasting their life.

I truthfully feel that drugs are the roots of the entire problem in inner cities for young people. Drugs cause a lot of the crime activity and to go alone with that drugs are illegal themselves. Drugs cause people to not further their education and in return have the lack of employment opportunities. Also people lose their chance at job because of drug tests. The young people today just don t understand that drugs ruin their lives.

Drugs are the most significant problem facing young people in the inner city today because it ruins everything they have going for them from the education they can get to the job opportunities that they may have. Drugs also cause people to form gangs with causes most of the crime in the inner city.


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