Global Capitalization Essay Research Paper Subsequent to

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Global Capitalization Essay, Research Paper Subsequent to the signing of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, a strong theory of a modern state emerged. The concept relied deeply upon the establishment of three principals explained by James Lee Ray. Obtaining a modern state depended on, first and foremost, territory.

Global Capitalization Essay, Research Paper

Subsequent to the signing of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, a strong theory of a modern state emerged. The concept relied deeply upon the establishment of three principals explained by James Lee Ray. Obtaining a modern state depended on, first and foremost, territory. The image of a territory with fixed borders having an apparent national identity with in them (Class notes 10/23). A vast campus that in comparison to another holds unique characteristics and shows diversity. Principal two is the demanding need for nationalistic loyalty. In other words it was found a necessity to obtain and practice faithfulness for your encompassed land. Modern States relied upon the people as nationalistic motivators to uphold it as a nation. Devotedness of the people is characteristic of a modern state (Class notes 10/23). Nationalism is an inspiration to fight and die, to take the risk for your territory. The third, and perhaps the most definable element of a modern state, is respect for sovereignty. For an idealistic state, admiration for the supreme law of the land is a necessity. The source of sovereignty lies in the people and their confidence, dependence, recognition, loyalty, and respect for their chosen government. Sovereignty gives a select people in a distinguished place the ability to have the final say based on the needs and wants of the people with in. This all creating a headquarters of decision making for the territory, with all its alleged loyalty.

Due to the rise and expansion of importance of the consumer economy, all of the terms defining a modern state and the ability to have one are threatened. The world has united together economically. Challenging our defined borders, our motivational nationalistic loyalty, and our admiration for sovereignty, the image of a powerful “modern state” has been over looked and seemingly forgotten. All in the name of the global consumer economy and the desirable need to be on the top economically.

The undisputed, definable, respectfully acknowledged fixed borders encompassing our seemingly beloved territory have been maximally jeopardized. Borders that once required passing through highly regulated customs and possession of a passport and several means of identification around the world have become meaningless lines, previously sketched on a map. To a significant extent, depreciation of the fixed borders is due to free trade agreements (Class notes 10/23). Borders have all but disappeared in consequence to public voting consent to form the European Union. The passing of the vote created a tremendous economical market consisting of a vast number of consumers (Class notes 10/17). Undoubtedly the step was successful to its proposed plan, but each nation consciously lost its national identity, concluding in a continent of lost diversity. Strategically, numerous nations around the world have accomplished resembling actions, blurring the borders outlining their region. The North American Free Trade agreement, approved in 1993, caused the lines separating Canada, the United States, and Mexico to become far less distinguishable (Greider, 270). Conclusively causing a breakdown of territorial integrity. It has been pushed to the point of little to no recognizable difference in cultural diversity. Standing inside an assembly plant on the south side of the Mexican border would be like waking up having no clue where you are. In the sense that there is nothing to distinguish it from the assembly plant north of the nearly non-existent line. A forgotten border separating two countries whose people stressed the need to become characteristically independent and self-sufficient.

Where has all that patriotism vanished? The urge to ensure a states success by pursuing extremities in every aspect or direction seem lost within the demanding need to supply the consumer. In the southern states of the U.S. the imperative urge to “buy American” has previously been a vital standard of life. Unfortunately the ability to “buy American” has become non-existent in the present. The fact that corporations, assembly plants, markets, and investors are established in various locations around the globe has helped the true and pure American companies to vanish. More and more often companies are re-establishing bases in international areas. Reason lying behind this rests in the hands of the global consumer economy. The companies, ambitiously trying to keep up with the rest of the world, have sought to find a cheaper, more efficient way to maintain successful production. Logically, they are more readily willing to manufacture or assemble their products in places where employee pay is exceptionally inexpensive. However, we are not alone in international corporate expansions. The emergence of the global consumer economy has provoked a near chaotic frenzy within the leading companies if they wish to contribute supplies to consumer demands. Thus, ability to remain devoted and support the “Made in the U.S.A.” slogan has become a extinct possibility. So where now do we derive our nationalistic loyalty from? The remnants of our sought after loyalty are scattered in the wind due to a mistakable satisfaction found in keeping up and contributing as global consumers. Unfortunately in this fast paced, economically united world, corporations worldwide have lost their national identity, resulting in the incapability to remain nationalistically loyal to a nation.

Ultimately, the toll taken by the birth of the global economy is sovereignty. It is made apparent that respect for sovereignty is crucial as a primary part of establishing a modern state. Aside from the discouraging little known fact that the American economy is held up solely by credit sales and the realization that we are now attaining a negative savings rate, we are struck by the loss of our regarded sovereignty (Class notes 10/17). Although our governmental powers haven’t yet revoked themselves entirely, we unconsciously gave up its authority to have the final say. Sovereignty is a sacrifice given when we share involvement in trade agreements (Class notes 10/23). Meanwhile our clueless society is left in the air, unable to finalize governmental matters. Basically just left out, defenseless and in an insuperior position while answering to the World Trade Organization. Somewhere along the journey America took a wrong turn. Although President Clinton promised Congress withdrawal from the WTO if our sovereignty was threatened, a withdrawal is not one of our nations options (Greider 139). Among other things, the prices for gas would triple. Basically America now exists, along with the rest of the WTO members, under the rule of an international body consisting of 121 various governments. We find ourselves attempting unsuccessfully to hold on to an admirable sovereignty just out of reach (Greider 139).

The accelerating growth of the global consumer economy greatly stresses and infringes upon the ability to obtain a modern state defined by the three key elements previously discussed. Sequentially, in a world united through product need our patriotism has disappeared with the realization that there are no longer borders to defend. Governments built by a nations people and believed in are finding themselves unequipped to decide. However unnoticeable to the general public, people around the world are loosing the sovereignty they hold in tremendous respect. The uncountable lives lost as each country strived to fit the ideal image of a modern state, in the end just to have our national principals abolished. Everything we have and will loose can all be accounted for by the global societies greed for capital.


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