Pressuation Essay Research Paper I propose that

Pressuation Essay, Research Paper

I propose that every eighteen-year-old should be allowed to legally drink alcohol.

There are many reasons that made me think of this idea. First I thought hey, when I turn eighteen there are so many responsibilities and options that I’m going to have to make. The first one was the right to vote. I’m thinking that if our government believes that we are old enough to make the important choice of picking a president and other government officials, then they are realizing that we are mature enough. Another thing that caught my attention was that also at the age of eighteen you’re old enough to go and sign up for the military. Again the government is recognizing that eighteen year olds can make important decisions for themselves. Which sacrificing your life for your country is. Another thing that the government allows use to do is drive a 1 ton machine around at the age of sixteen. If we look at Europe we see that they don’t have any problems with under age drinking. We can also buy guns. Now if that’s not more crazy then drinking, I don’t know what is. I believe that since the government says that we aren’t smart enough to drink then they should move the voting age back, move the age of enlistment and the draft back, move the age of selling guns back and make us stop paying for so many taxes as adults.

So I purpose that instead of taking choices away from what the government calls

“adults”, we increase the punishment of drinking and driving. Teenagers drink with the law in place anyway. I’m trying to say that if you do drink and your eighteen you should be responsible or else you’ll be locked for a long time. I really believe that people will be

responsible if you give them a chance and make the laws harsh enough. If people over the age over the age of 18 could drink they wouldn’t have to hide it from their parents. And I believe that is why most young drinking and driving accidents happen. They have to go to a party to drink and trying to go home is where they have that accident. Drinking is like touching fire for a little kid. When someone says you can’t do that you do it anyway. But if you learn from experience you learn that you can do it but you know that it’s wrong for you. Ether let use make are own decisions or else stop using use to fight your wars and pay for taxes.


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