How To Tie A Tie Essay Research

How To Tie A Tie Essay, Research Paper

How to get that Professional Look

In the workplace it is important for one to look professional. For men, one great step to appear professional is to wear a tie. Wearing a tie can add greatly to the effect of a professional appearance. For these reasons in the following one will find a step-by-step process to follow describing how to tie a necktie.

Before a man starts tying his necktie, he must find an appropriate shirt to wear with the tie. The kind of shirt that is appropriate to wear with a tie is a dress shirt (one with a collar), preferably long-sleeved. After he has chosen an appropriate shirt he can begin the process of tying his necktie. First, he should place the necktie around his collar with the seam of the tie facing him. He should note the lengths of the wide and narrow sides of the tie and how low each one goes. At this point he should check to make sure the tie is not twisted at the back of his neck. Now he can cross the wide side of the tie over the narrow side and hold them in place. Now he can pass the wide part of the tie around behind the narrow part. The seam of the wide part should be facing away from him. His left index and middle fingers should be pointing up on top of the cross and his thumb should be beneath it touching his shirt. Now he can bring the wide part of the tie across in front of the narrow part. He should keep the fingers of his left hand in place to keep room for the wide part of the tie in a latter step. Now the seam of the wide part should be facing him. At this point he can bring the wide part of the tie up between his thumb and the shirt. The wide part of the tie should go behind the knot, above the knot, and then drape down in front of the knot. During this process he should keep in mind not to twist the wide part of the tie. Now he can put the wide part of the tie through the loop that has been held in place with his two fingers. He should pull down tight on the wide part of the tie. To pull the knot closer to his neck he should pull on the narrow part of the tie and slide the knot up. Now, if he turns the wide part of the tie up he should see there is a tag located on the back of it. He should slip the narrow part of the tie through this tag to keep the parts of the tie from flopping about independently. Finally, the process is completed and he may go on his way to work with a professional appearance.

People find it hard to be taken seriously when they do not dress professionally. Fortunately for men, they only have one hard task to tackle when it comes to dressing professionally. That task is necktie tying. With proper instruction and a little practice, the task of necktie tying can be tackled in less than a minute.


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