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Women And Shopping Essay Research Paper What

Women And Shopping Essay, Research Paper

What motivates women to shop?

I attempted to answer the age old question by surveying five ladies who are self-proclaimed experts at the “art” of shopping. These five ladies, Joanne, Kim, Marie, Shirley, and Kimmie sat down with me individually and this is what I basically gathered from the discussion sessions.

Shopping is an addiction of sorts. Women get thrills from purchasing styles du jour. Joanne stated that she had to buy at least one thing every time she went shopping just so she doesn?t feel unfulfilled. She had to buy something even though she may not have necessarily needed it or even wanted it, but just so she could say that she bought something. Kimmie shared her sentiment and added that money is hardly a factor while shopping.

Women shop so that they can get noticed. Being seen in ritzy neighborhoods such as Newbury Street and Copley Plaza is also one of the motivations that lead to shopping for women.

“Who doesn?t want to be seen with an LV bag or Gucci sandals?” asks Kim. These sort of purchases are usually so women get noticed by other women. Attention from men is hardly what?s at stake when it comes to handbags and other accessories. Women like other women to see that they can afford such things.

Women shop so that men will notice them. Women like to be in style at all times so they can get attention from men.

“Attention from men is why I shop” exclaims Shirley. She and the others tend to echo this sentiment. If they are single, they want men to notice them. If they are in a relationship, they want their significant others to notice them.

And finally, women shop because a special occasion is always around the corner. Whether it be a party, a girls? night out, a date, a birthday dinner, or to a lesser extent summer, winter, fall, and spring.

“Shopping is the greatest.” Summed up perfectly by Marie. “It?s relaxing and there is no alternative to relaxation.” So all these factors along with many others that we may never discover motivate women to shop uncontrollably. Of course this does not cover all women, but the majority of them, I would think would agree with this survey.


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