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Hawks Soccer Essay, Research Paper

Capital Punishment

Throughout time, capital punishment has always existed and has always been a controversial issue for its existence. Whether or not it should be legalized in Canada or abolished in the United States is a re-occurring question. In our society today, many people agree with capital punishment as a justifiable means of punishment. In simple terms, capital punishment is the lawful taking of a person?s life after conviction for a crime. It degrades society as a whole, and at the same time is not deterrent and above all, is against the view of our God and our Christian beliefs. Clearly, capital punishment is not a justifiable form of punishment and therefore should not exist.

With executions occurring, it exposes more of the violence and injustice in us all. It is a dehumanizing ritual, one that brings more injury to each of us? It is clear that this ritual of capital punishment brutalizes us all; it extends the Violence, provokes anger, hinders, rather that encourages healing. ( Flanders 76). When an individual is aware of his/her execution, the death penalty just brings more outbreaks within an individual knowing that he or she will soon be executed. There have been times and incidents where crows of people would gather outside the prison to cheer and chant. ? They ate popcorn and drank beer. Some wore T-shirts that depicted an electric chair with the words,

?1 down 131 to go.? (Loeb 74) If asked,? What is this man executed for?? they would simply answer, ?Because he killed a man.?( Loeb 75) Ironically, they would not answer with ?to prevent others from killing? they are just there witnessing another victim being murdered. These situations display the inhumanity, and he cruelty that capital punishment can bring to a society. The aforementioned factors degrade a society and most importantly, do not prevent determined men from injuring their environment or fellow man.

Deterrence in general has also been a controversial issue. When the question of, does capital punishment deter murder? , many arguements debates arise. Take for example the United States, ? We experience the trgedy of over 20 000 homicides each year. These statistics are constantly incresing due to devastating effects of drugs, racism and poverty.?( Bender, Leone 106) With the increasing deaths of homicides rising each year, it is quite difficult to suggest that the death penalty does deter murder. Capital punishment does not hinder murder. Fact: ? In 1976 there were 561 murders in states where capital punishment was practiced and in 1988 (twelve years later) there were 568 murders? ( Hays 49). Killing individuals is not punishment that will avoid murder. This may help the offender from repeating the offence, and can protect civilians from that particular offender. Being in jail from twenty to thirty years is a punishment that perhaps will help the convicted individuals and help rehabilitate that particular person. Capital punishment clearly suggests that there is rehabilitation involved in the criminal system due to its hypocritical and unjust ways. If the death penalty were to deter murder then people would think twice before killing another individual. Those individuals considering murder would actually think of the consequences involved, but as stated, ? this rarely happens because more homicides happen in the heat of passion, anger and under the influence of drugs and alcohol.? (Bender, Leone 111) To ascertain the constant debate of deterrence in the death penalty, we must realize that capital punishment is not a form a rehabilitation, and the amount of crimes will continue to increase if it is not abolished. Instead, capital punishment is playing the part of ?an eye for an eye?, or ? a tooth for a tooth? which is known as retributin.


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