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Time To Change Essay, Research Paper

Time To Change

The earth and many of its contents, thanks in large part to humans, is

deteriorating and it has been for quite a time now. It is overwhelmingly

populated with both ignorant and lazy people. In effect, not much is being done

to prevent this deterioration. For instance, we are killing off vital animal

populations every day. We have caused the extinction or endangerment of

numerous species for absolutely no reason other than selfishness. An example is

the poaching of elephants. We are killing these animals only for our own wealth.

We take their ivory and leave them behind to die. As a result, they are on the

verge of extinction. Also, pollution caused by humans and their inventions

cause a major dilemma. Automobile exhaust fumes and factory pollutants are only

a couple of the impurities causing damaging affects to the ozone layer and

atmosphere. We depend on the ozone to defend us from harmful UV rays. Finally,

we have a major impact on the degeneration of natural resources. Millions of

gallons of oil, coal, and other valuable resources are wasted each day. These

are just a few of the human disruptions to nature available to our knowledge.

We are conscious of many more, and there are probably others that we are not

aware of. If we do not start taking them seriously soon it will be too late,

if it is not already. We need to reevaluate our priorities and plan for the

future existence of this world.

A group labeled the Earth-Firsters’ often attempt to accomplish this task

through drastic and sometimes dangerous methods. As Joni Seager states ( The

Eco-Fringe: Deep Ecology, Pg. 636), “In Australia, Earth-First protesters

buried themselves up to their necks in the sand in the middle of logging roads

to stop lumbering operations; in the American Southwest, Earth Firsters

handcuffed themselves to trees and bulldozers to prevent logging; and in

California, they dressed in dolphin and mermaid costumes to picket the

stockholders’ meeting of a tuna-fishing company.” The Earth-Firsters’ tactics

are not the only drastic only measures they practice. Their ideas seem to be

quite extreme as well. For example, they believe the population of the world

is entirely too high, by as much as ninety percent, causing too much “wear and

tear” to the earth. To resolve this issue, some say we should cease all study

toward the curing of disease. Others said we should stop aid to the poor, sick,

and homeless. They ration in Africa that the sickness is a natural occurrence.

Also, some of the Earth-Firsters’ believe in order to conserve land and nature,

people should be banned from a large portion of the earth. These are only a few

examples of the many bold philosophies of the Earth-Firster society.

The Earth-Firsters’ have some good propositions, but most of them are not

practicable. We need to set standards and ideals that can realistically be

accomplished. It is not possible to change the world in one day. Instead of

killing ninety percent of the population, we might control the number of

offspring allowed to each individual. This approach would more likely be

sustained. In order to conserve the earth, we should section off small

portions all over the globe, as opposed to completely zoning off one giant

segment. This would provide a habitat suitable for wildlife in any conditions.

Earth-Firsters’ lay equal blame on everyone, no matter their position, views, or

actions. Obviously, some people are more viable than others when it comes to

preserving the environment. The president of a logging business is achieving

much more harm than the average worker. Businesses need more regulations. Most

businesses act upon deals that are only going to profit themselves. As a result,

many products on the market today are harmful to the environment. Finally,

politicians have to get into the picture. We need honest leaders who are aware

of what is going on and who truthfully want to help the people.

Obviously, it is past time for the world to change in its habits. This essay

could go on for pages resolving solutions to make these alterations.

Nevertheless, each solution would be composed of the same principle:

Compromise! It is impossible to force everyone to quit their jobs and become

“Earth-Firsters.” The world, as a whole, needs to come together and form a

lawful, yet realistic plan. By doing this we will know what we are aiming for

and society will understand the damaging effects we are having on our planet.


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