Fantasy Story Essay Research Paper Deep in

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Fantasy Story Essay, Research Paper Deep in the City of Chic, on the plant of Decorous, there was a school named Ennui High School. At this school there was a very interesting girl named Bliss. Bliss had long wavy golden brown hair. She had big blue eyes that were on flawless snowy skin. Her lips were full, and they were always the perfect shade of soft crimson even without lipstick.

Fantasy Story Essay, Research Paper

Deep in the City of Chic, on the plant of Decorous, there was a school named Ennui High School. At this school there was a very interesting girl named Bliss. Bliss had long wavy golden brown hair. She had big blue eyes that were on flawless snowy skin. Her lips were full, and they were always the perfect shade of soft crimson even without lipstick.

Bliss just turned 17. She was doing well at school, but she really felt she was ready to get out of her old routine and see what else was out there.

One spring Friday morning, Bliss was sitting on the stoop of the apartment building were she lived with her parents. She was looking up at the pink and purple towering buildings around her. They are wonderful, but I?ve been gazing at these buildings for 17 years now, she thought. Just then a big silver cat walked by her. It stopped, turned around, and came up to her. It looked at her intensely for a moment then said, “You will do just fine,”

After Bliss nearly choked on her tongue, she said, “Do just fine for what?” She had never seen a talking cat before, and she was lost in astonishment.

The cat said, “I need some help finding an illusive treasure.”

Bliss replied, “Oh, and where is this illusive treasure?”

The cat answered, “I?m not sure but I know where something is that will tell us where the treasure is. And this thing is about 3 blocks away.”

Bliss thought about this, and decided three blocks isn?t far. Besides she didn?t really want this talking cat walking out of her life. She said, “OK, lets go. What?s your name?”

The silver cat said, “Jest. Follow me.”

They walked and turned corners for about 15 minutes. Bliss had always thought she knew the part of Chic that she lived in really well. They were only walking for a little bit. How did we get to a place I don?t recognize at all, she thought. She was following Jest into a light pink building. They went up two flights of red stairs, and down a hall. The floors, walls, and ceiling of the hall were royal blue. They came to an emerald door. Jest told Bliss to open it.

As Bliss opened it, she was shocked at how white the room was. There was nothing in the room except a magenta wand with a light pink glittery top in the middle of the floor.

Jest said, “Pick the wand up and ask it where the treasure is.” Bliss did so to humor the cat. Suddenly a spark of glittering light flashed.

A sweet, soft female voice said, “Go to Morale Park. Find the tree that is in the most southwest part of the park and tap on it twice. Go down the stairs, and turn right of the path. Turn left on the next path. Go to the fountain, and take a left. Go to the Castle. When you get there ask me what to do next.”

And with that the voice was gone.

Bliss looked with bewilderment at Jest. He was calmly sitting on the white floor licking one of his front feet. Bliss said, “That voice was a true bolt out of the whiteness. What was that? Where did it come from?”

Jest answered, “Um, that was the voice of the magic wand. And it came from the wand.”

Bliss said, “That helps a lot. Well I guess we should get going.” They went out of the white room through the emerald door to the royal blue hallway. They stepped down the red stairs and out of the light pink building.

Jest said, “Do you know where Morale Park is?”

“Yes I do, but I don?t know where we are,” answered Bliss.

“Do you know how to get there from Mulisha Square?” asked Jest.

“Yes I do,” said Bliss. She followed Jest down the street. They did another series of turns until they were at Mulisha Square. Mulisha Square is a square block in the middle of Chic. It is made up of bright pink bricks. On two sides it is sunken with steps that are used as sitting places. From there she found Morale Park easily.

Morale Park had always been one of Bliss?s favorite parks in Chic. On this day it looked especially magnificent because it was a beautiful Spring day. The trees were immaculate with their dark purple trunks and lilac leaves. Grass that had a special baby blue color of a robin?s egg was healthy and shiny. Morale Park was slightly hilly and had an exquisite pond. The pond was a man made pond, but it was still wonderful. It was made out of magenta flat rocks. The waterfall that ran into it was also man made with the magenta rocks. The water was mint green. Bliss followed Jest to the tree in the southwest corner of the park. This tree was the biggest tree in the park. Bliss tapped on it twice. The tree disappeared and there were red steps that descended deep into the ground.

Once again Bliss followed Jest. This time they went down the red stairs. The scarlet stairs seemed to go on forever. They finally got to the bottom. They turned right onto the path. Bliss was astounded that the trees and shrubs had brown trunks and green leaves. She was so used to having tree trunks that were dark purple and leaves that were lilac. The dirt was brown not black like it is in Decorous. Bliss never imaged that there was a place that was so different than Decorous.

They walked for nearly an hour until they got to the next pathway. They turned left on it. This pathway was much like the other one. They walked for awhile. Suddenly there was an abrupt change in the scenery. The forest changed into a green meadow. The meadow was huge and slightly hilly. The path went into the meadow. Bliss followed Jest and Jest followed the path.

In the middle of the meadow there was an enormous water fountain. It was about the size of a medium-sized building. Bliss couldn?t believe she didn?t see it until she was about 10 yards away from it. The fountain seemed to appear from thin air. At the fountain they went left. But first they had to walk around it. Just walking around the gigantic thing took a few minutes. They got to a path that was ninety degrees to the left of the path that they were on. Bliss and Jest started walking down the new path.

Two hours later they saw a castle in the near distance. There was an exquisite platinum fence around the large platinum castle. The fence and the gate were made up of an enchanting lacy design. When Bliss got to the gate, she was in awe. It was so shiny and strong yet it looked so delicate.

Bliss opened it as demanded by Jest. As soon as they were inside, a pack of ten fierce, flying dogs came rushing towards them. The magic dogs came from the back side of the castle. The dogs were huge, not normal sized dogs at all. They were the size of large tigers. They had glowing red eyes and mouths that were open showing their long, sharp teeth.

Jest yelled dramatically, “Save us with the wand.” Bliss was frozen in terror. She finally got the courage to say, “Put us in a cage that they can?t enter.” Instantaneously Bliss and Jest were in a metal cage. The flying dogs crashed into the cage.

Jest said, sounding very annoyed and sarcastic, “Why didn?t you put them in a cage and not us?”

Bliss, who was still shocked, said, “Um? uh? I wasn?t thinking very clearly. I was only thinking of a way to make it so they couldn?t get to us. Sorry. I?ll fix it.” With that she held the wand up and said, “Put the flying massive dogs in a cage that they can not get out of.” The dogs that were on three sides of Bliss and Jest?s cage were suddenly in a U-shaped cage. The dogs were really mad as they thrashed around the cage. As soon as Bliss felt certain that the dogs were caged up good, she made the cage that was around them disappear.

Jest said, “Now that that?s done, ask the wand what to do next.”

Bliss said, “I don?t know if we should go any farther. Just moments ago, we almost got killed.”

“We came all this way, and you are ready to go home without the riches because of some dogs!” exclaimed Jest.

Bliss replied, “Those weren?t just some dogs. They were supernatural flying dogs. They were probably trained to kill. What about their trainer? He is probably in the castle guarding his riches.”

Jest shot back, “We have that wand. There is nothing we can?t stop. Besides you wanted change, something new that wasn?t your ordinary routine. Well as soon as we are multi-billionaires, you can go do whatever you want, for as long as you want.”

Bliss glared at him, “How did you know that?”

Jest calmly said, ” I can read minds.” He was nervous, because he didn?t want her to overreact.

Bliss screamed, “How dare you. You?ve been reading my mind this whole time. Is that why you picked me? Because I was bored and you thought I could be convinced to go on this life-risking adventure.”

Jest said, “Calm down. Listen to me. Yes, I admit that that is one of the reasons why I picked you. I also needed a true beauty with a good, pure heart to make the wand work. I can control my power to read minds. And as soon as you agreed to go to the wand, I stopped reading your mind. You need to realize that you are about to be one of the riches people in Decorous. OK, OK, I give up. Ask the wand if there is anything in that castle that will harm us.”

Bliss decided that asking wouldn?t hurt, and she did want to be wealthy. She said, “Wand is there anything in the castle that will harm us?”

The soft voice said, “No, the castle is empty of people and spirits.” With that information, Bliss decided to go for it. She still wasn?t that happy with Jest, but she was going to see if there is a treasure before she decided to hate him. Her reason for this was that if there was a large amount of wealth in there, then she wouldn?t care how or why he chose her. Even if there wasn?t a fortune in the castle, then she would stop herself from getting too mad because she did have a magic wand now.

Bliss looked at the castle. It was the same shiny platinum as the gate, but the castle was sleek and smooth as glass. There was the same lacy design around the windows and doors. It looked so elegant. It was the most beautifully wonderful thing Bliss had ever seen. Bliss was surprised that it wasn?t bigger. It was really big, but Bliss always thought that such a castle would be really gigantic. Bliss roughly guessed it was around 20,000 square feet, and she was about right. The castle was sleek, glossy, smooth, elegant, exquisite, marvelous and substantial.

Bliss said to the wand, “Tell us how to get to the illusive treasure.” When Jest heard this he was so happy that he started to dance. Well, he danced the best any cat can dance. It just looked like he was hoping around and wiggling his tail.

The wand said, “Follow me.” The bright pink wand flew out of Bliss?s hand. It headed toward the front door of the shiny platinum castle. Bliss and Jest followed it. Bliss thought, I?ve done a lot of following things that I don?t understand today. They came to the huge front doors. Bliss opened one of them and stepped inside. The inside was made up of shiny platinum just like the outside. The walls, floors, and high ceilings were made of the enchanting platinum. The furnishings and the decorations were made up of glistering platinum and gold. It was breath takenly beautiful.

Bliss and Jest followed the wand up three flights of platinum stairs. They went into a hallway that was entirely gold. Bliss, Jest and the wand went to the end of it. The were in front of a plain, solid, gold wall. The wand told Bliss where to knock on it. When Bliss knocked on it, a flight of platinum stairs that were going down appeared in the wall. They went down the stairs and came to a solid pink ruby door with a platinum doorknob. Bliss opened it.

Inside was a room completely filled with diamonds. Each diamond was the size of a fist. They were so shiny and sparklingly. After Bliss got over her astonishment, she got the wand to transfer the diamonds, Jest, and herself to her bedroom in Chic.

One year later.

Bliss has one of the most successful boutiques in Chic. She travels all over Decorous. She lives in an awesome penthouse with Jest. She is thinking of opening a Club. She is never bored anymore.



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