Goodbye My Sweet Rose Essay Research Paper

Goodbye My Sweet Rose Essay, Research Paper

Oh Anna. Don t leave me now. I need you more than anything. You are my beloved wife of 50 years. 50 long years. The children…our life together. You are my life. We ve been through so much, you can t leave me now. I built my life around you. Oh remember that time we walked through the field of flowers. Flowers have filled our house ever since. Ohh you are my rose. My sweet red rose. Don t leave me. I want to go where you go. I cannot be without you… 50 years. But I can t keep you here. I want to make this as easy for you as possible my dear. Go ahead. I will be fine…no I won t. I can t lie to you my rose. I will be miserable without you. You are my life. Thank you for such wonderful children. Isabel is such a replica of you. Sweet, pure…full of life. Oh why? Why does this have to happen to my sweet Anna? There are so many people out there who deserve to have their lives taken. But not you. You only did good on this Earth, but yet they are still

here and you are leaving me. Life isn t fair. Life isn t fair. 50 long years of love only to have my heart torn from me. Oh I have to stop thinking. God will be there waiting. I have to believe He has a special mission for you and that is why he is taking you away from me. He has been testing you your whole life and you have passed. Now he is ready for you. What if there isn t a god? What if I never see you again? I must stop thinking.

Of course there is a god. Talk to me my save your breath. I know what you would say. I love you too. You know that. You are the one who taught me to love. My life was nothing before you. You were the first person I allowed myself to love more than myself. Oh the flowers. Such soft pedals. Soft like your skin. You were always so beautiful. So beautiful. I was the luckiest man on Earth. Still am. My charms have all turned grey or to wrinkles. But not you. You still have that light in your eye. The girlish blush to your cheek…so beautiful. 50 years with you. I am still the luckiest man. The house we built together will be so empty without you. You are part of it..everything in it is a reminder of you. Even this very couch that we are sitting on has a history. Do you remember? It was our first piece of furniture we bought together. Everything else came from your mother, but this was ours. We just sat and talked on this thing for four hours straight the first night we brought it home. You had to show everyone. Oh Anna why? Don t leave me. I wish there was something I could do. I feel so powerless. Even when bad times seemed like they were never going to end for me, you always helped me

through. I want to help you now. Help you or help myself? Oh I don t know what to do my rose. I guess all I can do is wait now. 50 years is all about to end soon. Just one more year with you is all I want. One more day even. There are so many things that I never got to give you. I wanted to give you everything you wanted. You always gave me everything that I could ever want. Most of the love. First from you and then from the children. I was so happy. You made me so happy my Anna. Go ahead my sweet. Go on. I ll be fine here. I have the children. Oh but they will only remind me of you because they have grown to be just like you. So full of life. I don t want to be here without. There is no reason to go with my life if you aren t here to live it for. You are my life. I can t do that to the children though. It wouldn t be fair to them. Oh but what is fair? I used to think I knew but I m confused now. I love you so much my sweet red rose. Leave me now if you are going to leave me or I will only beg you to stay longer. I can t hold on. There is

a higher power over you now. I will see you soon my dear. Lord let my time come quick. Watch over me and let me know that you are still here. You always taught me to be strong so I must be strong now. It s what you would have wanted I know. So I must be strong for the both of us. Oh I don t know if I can but I must. I will keep the house filled with flowers for you…flowers. So soft, so beautful, so soft, so short lived. You are my rose Anna. You truly are. Go ahead dear. Don t struggle any longer. Thank you. Thank you so much. I love you and I will see you soon in Heaven. Oh this is so hard but I know it is what I must do. Goodbye my sweet rose.


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