Napster Controversy Essay Research Paper NapsterWhat is

Napster Controversy Essay, Research Paper


What is the big deal with the whole napster controversy? All it is is a network, which allows millions of people to share files, which are already available on the Internet.

People say things like, it s a form of stealing, because you are taking something from an artist that cost time and money to create. But honestly, if napster wasn t there people would have gotten these songs from another source. I personally use napster all the time for about a year and a half now, but before napster, I would get songs from mp3 chats or websites. Napster was just a quicker and more convenient way to get those same songs.

And another thing about napster is the kind of artist that disagree with it. For instance, Dr. Dre and Metallica both hate napster. Now, you say what could those two artists possibly have in common. The answer is their age. They both have been around for a while and aren t with the new wave of the future. Don t get me wrong, I love Dr. Dre, and I used to like metallica until they discontinued my napster, but someone really needs to help them realize, that they need to either get with the new generation or get left behind in the dust. They should be happy, there are so many Dr. Dre songs that I didn t t know existed until I looked in Napster for them.

Also Justin Timberlake of NSYNC says its like stealing hot dogs from a hotdog vendor when that is his only livelihood. Funny how Justin Timberlake has enough money to buy out a thousand hotdog vendors. And Justin Timberlake is also the same person who said that he makes music, not for the money but because he loves it. I don t think so. And I personally bought the NSYNC CD after I heard some of the songs off napster. I think napster enhances CD sales. Studies have shown that CD sales have not dropped since Napster became mainstream. Also true artists have nothing to worry about from Napster. It s the little 15 minutes of fame artists that should worry. No one is going to buy Brittany Spears s CD because she s just a fad, she makes cute songs that are nice in the moment, but they aren t something people will always remember and love. So she would be scared of Napster because people will not be interested in her enough to buy her CD when they can download it.

Napster is on the verge of being shut down but honestly there is no point in that because if Napster doesn t distribute free music, then another place will. And if Napster goes, then people will just be back to the old ways of downloading music. There is no stopping technology, no matter how much you try to restrict it or keep it under control, it will go in any direction its pulled. And the kids of today are most definitely going to pull it in the direction that most benefits them.


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