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The Hobbit 2 Essay Research Paper

The Hobbit 2 Essay, Research Paper

The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit that lives a comfortable, relaxing life,

Rarely leaving further than the cellar of his cozy house. In this story

Bilbo is the center of attention as he is the main character.

But one day, his contentment of life is disturbed, Grandalf,

The spectacular wizard, known by all, and a group of strong-minded,

Persistent little Dwarfs whisk Bilbo away on an adventure that he would

Never forget. The plot then really comes to life when they plan to raid

The treasure hoard, guarded by Smaug the magnificent, a large, fierce,

And very dangerous dragon. Bilbo is the most reluctant to take part in

The quest, but he even suppries himself, by his cunning skills as a fast

And daring burglar.

Bilbo, Grandalf and the ficsty little Dwarfs, begin the jerourny

Right from the house of Bilbo Baggins at the small town of Hobbito,

Before humans ever walked this Earth and there was no sea. From the town

Of Hobbito Bilbo and his company travel west to a small

Elves town called, Rivendell, where Bilbo gets his first chance to meet

An Elf. From Rivendell, they make a steep climb up the misty hills making

their first encounters with, the Goblins. As they escape from the goblins

They flee over the great river and stay at a friend of Grand Alf s house

Beorn the bear. They then take Horses to the mouth of the Mirkwood

Forest and quickly find themselves lost in the maze. They then are

Attacked by huge spiders and are rescued by Bilbo as on his way up

The Misty Hills, the hobbit stumbled upon a ring that can make you

Invisible. They then were taken prisoner by the wood elves and

Escaped down long lake in barrels. They arrived in the lonely

Mountains at the doorstep of Smaug the great.

This book is a finely written saga of fierce dragons, goblins, dwarfs and elves.

The book is outstanding, using descriptive words that give strong static images such as, Light-footed, dreadful, and shivering. I think that the only reason that why I Like this book, is just because it is so different from any other book that I’ve ever read and how it doesn t follow any set rules.

Perhaps the best book accompanied with the best set of books, ever to be written.