Jurassic Park Essay Research Paper The premise

Jurassic Park Essay, Research Paper

The premise of the novel is discovering the ability to recover and clone fossilized dinosaur DNA from the abdomen of fossilized gnats and mosquitoes preserved in amber (fossilized tree sap). There is a high degree of biotechnological applications as these procedure are explained.

The novel has basically three underlying themes:

1. The latest theories on the behavior of dinosaurs and their biological relationship to modern day birds

2. The theory of chaos and the problems with man’s attempt to control nature

3. The biotechnological revolution: The advantages and disadvantages with this technology

“In Gen Corporation stock has taken a tumble following the collapse of Jurassic Park and investors are planning to oust the man responsible – John Hammond! The head conspirator is none other John Hammond’s own nephew, Peter Ludlow. As poor health threatens John Hammond he calls on the one person he can trust – Ian Malcolm! Hammond reveals the terrible secrets of Jurassic Park, that the island of Isla Nublar was just the park, the showroom for tourists, and that the real breeding ground for the dinosaurs was Isla Sorna, located eighty miles away from Isla Nublar! Unfortunately, the facility on Isla Sorna was destroyed and the island evacuated during Hurricane Clarisse. The dinosaurs were released from captivity and left to fend for themselves during the height of the hurricanes fury! To the surprise of everyone, the dinosaurs not only survived by are flourishing on Isla Sorna and John Hammond wants Ian Malcolm to lead an expedition to the island. Hammond has gathered a research team and feels that this is the opportunity of a lifetime – to study dinosaurs up close – to study them not behind fences in artificial environments, but rather in a ecological system of the island run and dictated by the dinosaurs that rule there! Remembering his last encounter on Jurassic Park, Ian intends to stop the research team from leaving and is horrified to learn that the research team has already been dispatched to Isla Sorna. Wanting nothing to do with the expedition, Ian is forced into a rescue mission when he learns that the paleontologist leading the team is none other than Sarah Harding, his girlfriend! Landing on Isla Sorna with his extraction team, Ian Malcolm runs into a herd of stegosaurs, and no sign of Sarah Harding – except for her abandoned backpack!”

“Landing safely in Isla Sorna, Ian Malcolm and his extraction team set out to find Ian’s girlfriend, paleontologist Sarah Harding. Of course, finding her alive and well on an island dominated by carnivorous dinosaurs will be no easy task as they soon learn when they come face to face with a herd of Stegosaurs! Meanwhile, back at the base camp, Ian Malcolm is in for an even bigger shock when he learns that his daughter Kelly stowed away and is now directly in harm’s way. For an island that is supposedly populated solely by dinosaurs, the human population seems to be increasing by the minute – witness the startling appearance of three InGen military – type helicopter assaulting the island for a massive dinosaur round-up. Leading the high-tech round-up is Peter Ludlow, and big game hunter Roland Tenbo! High-tech meets the prehistoric as Ludlow’s team use state of the art chase vehicles, tranquilizers, and electric lassos to corral the islands dinosaur population. Tenbo’s fee for leading the excursion is simple – the once in a lifetime chance to hunt down a male T-rex! As the round-up continues, Ian Malcolm sets out to thwart the sinister plans of InGen – to capture the most viscous of dinosaurs and place them on public display – in San Diego!”

Have a Jurassic-July as Topps Comics releases the penultimate and concluding issues of The LostWorld: Jurassic Park. No waiting an extra month for readers to pick up on the explosive final issue; shipping over two consecutive weeks, these explosive issues contain the real “meat” of the Jurassic Park storyline! Ian Malcolm and Sarah Harding rescue an injured infant T-Rex from the clutches of Peter Ludlow and Roland Tembo of the InGen Corporation. Unfortunately for Ian and Sarah, the mother of all T-Rexs’ shows up looking for her missing baby! And just when you thought our heroes had their hands full fleeing from an slightly angered, full grown T-Rex – they run into a pack of Raptors! While Sarah and Ian survive attacks from both Raptors and T-Rexs, they can’t stop InGen from carrying our their diabolical plan – to bring a living, breathing T-Rex back to the civilized world! In a heart-stopping conclusion, a rampaging T-rex escapes to run amok in the streets of San Diego!


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