Dissatisfaction Of Employees With Shift Work Time

Dissatisfaction Of Employees With ?Shift? Work Time Essay, Research Paper


Mr. Weslow, the personnel manager Omar’s Fast Freight is seeking for a solution to the

problem of dissatisfaction of the employees with the “shift” mode of working hours. He

also intends to learn if workers are drinking on the job.

This is a descriptive research intended to describe what is happening and to learn the

reasons. It is also exploratory in that it seeks to diagnose a situation, screen alternatives

and discover new ideas.


Mr. Weslow chose the Survey method to collect primary data.


The method chosen is:

Quick as he intends to have the workers take the questionnaires home to fill them and

turn them in the following day.

An accurate means of assessing information.

Inexpensive ; he has the advantage of having the respondents right there with him

which has the effect of minimizing the cost of obtaining the data.


The answers to the questionnaire may contain;

Response bias whereby the respondents may consciously or unconsciously

misrepresent the truth.

Deliberate falsification.

Acquiescence bias where respondents are just plain agreeable on all questions.

extremity bias

Social desirability bias caused by desire to gain prestige or appear in a different social


Information only worthy in as far as clarifying concepts rather than developing

conclusive evidence.

Since this is a non interactive method , it does not afford a lot of flexibility. it solely relies

on the efficiency of the written word and how the respondents understands

“the word” in response to their own inherent experiences. There is no room for

expounding and clarification as opposed to a one-on-one interview. the fact that he uses

comparative rating scale instead of monadic rating scale presents “ideal” answers as the

respondents have the expected answers.


The questions are boring ,unclear, and poorly designed in that they are too lengthy instead

of clear-cut and straightforward. A summated ratings method Likert scale mode of

questionnaire would be more effective as a measure of attitudes (towards working

‘shifts’) from a very positive to a very negative with carefully constructed statements

relating to an attitudinal object. For the problem of drinking on the job, he should have

used a more unobtrusive observation technic.

Sample Questionnaire

Omar’s Fast Freight

We would appreciate learning your opinion regarding the shift system and ask that you fill

in the survey below along with any additional comments you feel would be helpful. Thank

you for your cooperation.

What part of your rotating shift are you working this week? Please check below

Day _________ Evening _________ Night ____________

What is your age? ________________

What is your marital status? Single ____ Married _____ Separated _____

Divorced ______

For the following questions, fill in the number that closely corresponds to your opinion,


1. Strongly agree 2. Agree somewhat 3. Neither agree nor disagree

4. Disagree somewhat 5. Strongly disagree

____ (a) Management does not mind about shift workers.

____ (b) There are less chances of growth by shift workers.

____ (c) Our work is always visible to our assessors and is constantly evaluated.

____ (d) Good performance and regularity improves my chances of growth.

____ (e) Shift work offers more problems than it solves.

____ (f) I have a clear understanding of my contribution to the company growth.

____ (g) I don’t get enough rest or proper sleep due to the rotating shift.

____ (h) I am satisfied with my work schedule.

____ (i) I work around people who consume alcohol on the job.

____ (j) I would worry greatly about my safety working around ‘on job drinkers’.

____ (k) Employees should not be permitted to leave the plant during breaks unless


____ (l) Employees need more awareness about dangers of ‘on job drinking’ through

educational programs.

____ (m) An Employee assistance program is needed.

____ (n) It bothers me to hear (or read about) someone criticizing Omar’s or

comparing Omar’s unfavorably to other trucking companies.

____ (o) I sometimes skip going to work to fulfill my social life obligations.

____ (p)Knowing the rotation schedule, I can meet my responsibilities as a husband.

____ (q) I would accept a permanent shift assignment versus a rotating shift.

____ (r) A less frequent rotation would be ideal.

____ (s) Rotating two shifts even with longer working hours such as day and night

would be ideal.

Additional comments___________________________________________________











Name of respondent _________________________________ (optional)

Job position _______________________________________ (optional


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