Male Bashing Sermon Essay Research Paper Advice

Male Bashing Sermon Essay, Research Paper

Advice to Males

Here you are, striking up a cordial conversation with a future prospect, saying how you will undoubtedly call her within the next few days. You approach the girl as if you are very interested in her, extremely interested, more so than anyone else has ever been, and you ignite a deep conversation as if she and you are the only two people on this earth. You become fixated as you stare directly into her eyes and gaze into the depths of her soul to engage in an amazingly insightful conversation as you both spill your insides like a melodic, gushing geyser. As you both leave to resume your daily obligations, you sincerely ask for her phone number, and after convincing her that you earnestly intend to call, she gives you those seven precious digits.

And what do you end up doing?? yeah you know what I?m talking about. Nothing! You don?t do anything, not a thing! You don?t call! The poor girl, excitedly awaiting your call for the past few days, past week, seven days for goodness sake, declines plans as she stays at home overcome with feelings of anticipation. Now, you may think that this may not be your specific case, but you are completely wrong! You and all men bear the guilt of this travesty. Not only do you think of this scenario as acceptable social conduct, but; you repeat it over and over like a broken record. You treat each girl you?ve ever met with the same disrespect and impoliteness. I could list all of your apathetic and insensitive incidents like I can recite the alphabet, but I will refrain from doing so and instead explain just one other example, so that hopefully by the end of this exposition you will have learned your lesson.

From the other side of the spectrum, say you do have a wonderful girlfriend, and you are very committed to this girl, as you are completely crazy about her. You propose a date at an exquisite restaurant out looking the breathtaking waterfront. Being the gentleman that you are, you tell your date you?ll pick her up at, let?s say seven o?clock for example. She?s very excited and plans what to wear the night before and spends countless hours getting ready for a romantic dinner with you, as this is a very rare and special occasion.

Unfortunately, it is just too good to be true. So how do you let her down this time? It?s sad but true, you think of this day as a meaningless Saturday, just like any other, and plan to hang out with your buds, sleep, watch movies, anything you do, and when seven o?clock rolls around you aren?t ready, not even close to being remotely presentable, as you?re still in your sweats. You haven?t showered, shaved, or gelled you precious and time-consuming buzz cut. Of course, you rationalize, girls are always late, no problem, in fact she?ll be glad I?m running a bit late because she?ll have more time to get ready as well.

A few minutes pass by, you become engaged in an entirely different activity, and then a few more minutes just piss away like smoke disappearing in thin air. Suddenly, somehow, thirty minutes have passed, completely vanished, because of your poor time management skills. And what do you do?…call her?, heavens no! That would be admitting to your mistake! No way, you figure, the more time you generously give her to prep, the happier she?ll be. It?s that simple, more time equals more happiness. Boy, you sure are smart! Meanwhile, she?s been frantically sitting watching the clock for approximately 42 minutes (but who?s counting), with the phone by her side, wondering what in hell could have happened. But nevertheless, back to you and your dilemma. So now you finally start getting ready. It takes you ten minutes before you arrive to pick up your worried, awaiting, angered girlfriend who expects you to have a darn good excuse. As she opens the door, you see her terribly contorted face. Her lips are tightly pursed, her eyes sinister angled slits, as her nostrils fiercely flare like a bull ready to charge. Could the cause of this fuming individual be related to you and your actions? Is that too harsh to fathom?

Now that the attitude and mood is completely ruined, you can attempt to carry on with your projected romantic evening?assuming your reservations still hold. (And by the way, this was not the first time you were late.)

Instead of reciting all of the instances when you males fail to follow through with what you tell females you?ll do, I?ll sum it up for you? be honest. You need to be accountable and honest. Call when you?re running late, don?t say you?ll call if you won?t, and don?t give excuses. You really aren?t that bad, you just make yourself out to be sometimes.

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