Hell Description Essay Research Paper Everything beyond

Hell Description Essay, Research Paper

Everything beyond the end of my nose was a total blur. I shook my head to clear

my vision. An object began to focus less than ten yards away. The silhouette was

almost like a person but too beastly to be human. Do my eyes deceive me? What is

this place? Where am I? What’s going on? "You are in hell, because you have

sinned," a voice boomed out of nowhere. Who was this person and what is he

talking about? He continued, "you were murdered a few hours ago. Look at

yourself, you’re covered in blood. See the bullet holes?" I looked down and

tried to scream only in vain because I had lost my voice. "Don’t worry

about your voice," Minos boomed, "it’ll be back in good time. But

until then I need to find a suitable punishment for you." I need not go

into why I was in hell because I know why I’m here and that’s all that matters.

"Well, while I’m thinking I’ll let you experience two different levels of

hell. You will have twenty-four hours to wander free and at the end of that time

you will be sentenced." Well I didn’t see myself having any other viable

options. So I nodded my head, and Minos directed me towards a series of doors.

All of these doors were unique in their own way. I saw some that were well

decorated and others that looked like they came from the bottom of hell. But one

door stood out over all the others. It appeared to be a set of elevator doors.

This intrigued me most immensely. So I approached them with a bit of caution. I

pushed the down button, as there was no up button. I assumed that this would be

standard seeing as how I am in hell and I don’t imagine that I’m going up from

here. Immediately the elevator doors opened. I heard the sound of wandering

music pouring from the elevator doors and I stepped in. The music was soothing

at first then all of a sudden I hear another deep voice "going ….

down?" This scared me, seconds later the floor beneath my feet disappeared.

I began a free fall. As I was falling all of a sudden I began to scream. My

voice was back! Splash! I landed in a huge pool of a gruesome liquid. It was

thick, and was in it up past my knees and my entire body was soaked . I picked

my hand up and after close analysis realized it was a huge pool of blood that I

was laying in. I looked around and this whole place seemed so desolate. I

thought I could see some light on the horizon. So I headed towards this place.

As I walked the temperature grew colder and colder. I began to shiver and I

could see my breath. I could feel my muscles beginning to atrophy. I finally saw

a group of people. As I got there I fell into their arms. I looked around and I

saw several familiar faces. I recognized two of them distinctly. One was the

leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult, and the other was Charles Manson. I asked

Charlie, "what’s going on here? Who is in this level of hell?"

"This level is full of sociopaths, such as David Koresh and Jim Jones and

we have Ted Kazinski and all people of that sort," explained Charlie.

"Wow what are all those people doing here?" I exclaimed. "Well in

this level of hell," he explained, "we are forced to wade through

pools of the blood of all the people we killed. And eventually this place will

fill up and we will perpetually drown in pools of blood. Every 100,000 years all

the blood is drained and we start over." "Eeek, I don’t like the

sounds of that. Well do any of you interact socially with each other on this

level," I enquired. "No actually we try not to socially interact as

much as possible because we have such differing beliefs that we would try and

kill each other," he replied. "Can you actually kill someone who is

already dead? It seems like that would make you a worse person and then you

would need to go lower into hell," I said inquisitively. "Well if we

kill one another our own blood gets added to the vat and we only begin pain and

suffering even sooner," Charlie answered. "This doesn’t sound like a

place I would like to hang around for very long," I stated. So I decided

that it was time to switch levels and my twelve hours on this level were almost

over. Immediately as soon as the twelve hours ended I was back at the doors

again, to chose another fate. This time I decided that I didn’t want a fancy

door but I wanted a door that looked old and aged. So i found the worst looking

door of the bunch. Then I creaked it open. All I could see was a long flight of

winding stairs. So i began the descent. As soon as I took four or five steps I

twisted my ankle and began to fall. I must have rolled for the equivalence of

eight flights of stairs. As I stood up I felt a shooting pain in my ankles. I

saw a man a few flights down. And I hollered to him. "Excuse me sir can you

help me? I’ve fallen down and I think I may have broken my ankle," I tried

to explain through clenched teeth. "Haha. That’s just the beginning of what

you’ll experience on this level of hell," said the man as he approached me

on the stairs. "Wait you mean this is the level?" I demanded to know.

"Yeah the perpetual stair case. Go up it takes you no where, go down it

takes you no where," explained the man. "What a second who are

you?" I asked the man as he stepped out of the shadows into the light.

"Don’t you recognize me? It’s the richest man in the world Bill Gates. This

level is full of gluttons," explained the slightly overweight looking

Gates. "Oh my god you’re Bill Gates. I didn’t recognize you with the little

beer belly you’ve gotten. So what are the punishments you’ve gotten in this

level?" I wondered. "Well this level is tiring on the ankles cause

they make you fat and then make you exercise a lot. My ankles get broken several

times a month causing severe pain when ever I walked, " said Bill, as he

proceeded to come closer he once again twisted his ankle and screamed in agony.

He began to leave ignoring the fact that I even exist. He left me to my own

methods of transportation. As I began to crawl down the stairs I felt a swift

kick from behind. It was Minos. He had decided on my fate. Im not sure if it was

fortunate or not for me but I was going to a whole other level. I guess that

will be for me to know and you never to find out!


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