Discrpitive Essay Research Paper KFC s Steak

Discrpitive Essay, Research Paper

KFC s Steak Dinner Rush

Dinner on a Wednesday at KFC is very interesting, to watch

the people come in and to look at the different decorations in

the store. Many people come in on a Wednesday requesting a the

special, a chicken fried steak dinner for $1.99. Old people who

can barely drive and walk, come in for the steak special trying

to dig out their money which usually takes about several minutes

to get the exact change and asking what the price is for the

third time. Many of the people ask where they got the wooden

decorations hanging throughout the store; nevertheless, none of

the workers in the store know where they come from. The

employees of KFC are dress in blue pants and red and blue shirts,

which the workers act like they want to be working; however, the

KFC s employees take the job in great stride.

KFC is a brightly lighted store with white tiles and a peach

textured wall paper which also contains blue and gray specs.

Along the wall there are five booths and to the opposite of the

five booths there are two smaller booths which have enough room

for two people. There are decorations on the wall right above

the small booths which contain: a wooden hand painted chicken

with wire for wings and feet, a picture frame which is divided

into four sections with old pictures and objects glued around the

frame, some signs and many more different wooden decorations

hanging throughout the wall. Over by the big booth there are

window above the seats, but the windows are to high so you cannot

look out the window when you eat. On the tables of the booth

there are salt and pepper shakers and two of the tables have

ketchup on the table.

When one walks into KFC the thing a person notice is the

aroma of greasy frying chicken. The stench is so strong when one

walk in the restaurant he or she will leave there smelling like a

deep fat-fried product. The cooking chicken puts the taste of

poultry in one s mouth. Most people have comments about the

scent of the store some think the fragrance is wonderful and

nothing smells better then the aroma of fried chicken and others

from the drive through have comments about how they hate coming

in, because when they leave they leave smelling awful. The

stench and the taste of the restaurant stands out; nevertheless,

it does not seem to brother the workers.

The employees are busy trying to prepare for the Wednesday

dinner rush they are about to encounter. The working situation

is like the calm before a storm, everyone busy doing their own

task and not a lot of words being trade between the workers. The

workers are dress in blue docker like pants and most of the

employees pants are dirty and cover with flour or different foods

they serve. A lot of the employees have a attitude and being at

KFC can be the worse thing in life. The worker dread the steak

special rush but they know there is nothing they can do about it

and they handle the rush and the customers the best they can.

The first couple came in and which seemed to provoke the

rest of the people in the town of Alva to come in for the

special. The couple seems to have troubles pulling open the

door, they act as if the door is a hundred pounds. They slowly

approach the counter holding on to each other for dear life and

ask the workers if the chicken fried steak special, probably

knowing good and well KFC have the special, they request for two

of the special with waters. When the old man finally digs out

the $4.30 he owes them for the food and the waters, their meals

are already on the tray and ready to be seated. The older lady

grabs the drinks and walks with caution towards the open booth

watching every step to make sure she does not drop the drinks.

Following behind her is the older man holding the tray, eyeing

his food and walking at a pace that would drive anyone crazy if

they had to follow him. By the time they sat down there are many

people in the store and people waiting at the drive through

wanting some food for supper. Many people inside the store look

around and read what is on the blue menu board.

Now there is about nine people in the restaurant waiting for

one of the busy employees to take their orders. One can tell by

the expression on people s face they are getting impatient about

not being able to get their order taken. The ones who are

restless and whispering with their snide remarks, that anyone can

hear, are the middle aged people; nevertheless, the people who

are retired are the ones who act like they are happy just to get

out of the house and greet everyone with a smile and a how do you

do. The hard working employees work at steady pace trying to get

all the orders out the door and food out the window for customers

waiting at the drive through.

Every few minutes one can hear a loud beeping that can heard

throughout the restaurant. Whenever a employee hears the beeps

he or she run over to the window and say: Hi welcome to KFC may

I take you order. People can hear the customers order from the

dinning area; nevertheless, they order the same from the people

inside, a Wednesday night special, chicken fry steak dinner for a

$1.99. A car sets the drive through beeper off and a, man starts

yelling, as if the KFC employee was deaf, asking if the special

is today. A college student in the dinning area yells out to the

person at the drive through speaker that he should shut up and

quit yelling. You could hear a sea of silent chuckles but no one

brave enough to burst out in the laughter they hold inside.

After that automobile went through the beeps suddenly stopped and

people stopped coming in to order food.

About 7:30 p.m. the steak dinner rush died off and it seem

that KFC employees have serve the entire town of Alva. The

employees have a facial expression and a body posture of extreme

exhaustion, like they have just got finished running the Boston

Marathon in record time. All the employees sit on the counter

and leaning against the metal warmers discussing the rush,

hateful customers, and how they hate working Wednesday. After a

short break the workers start the clean up, working at a steady

pace waiting for nine o clock to roll around so they can go home

and go to bed. Nevertheless, they know in another week, it will

be chaos again, with the chicken fried steak dinner for $1.99.


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