Not Too Modest Purposal Essay Research Paper

Not Too Modest Purposal Essay, Research Paper

A Not Too Modest Proposal

Racism is the combination of racial prejudice and power. Where most people look at racism as a kind of ugly brand of racial prejudice, we use this definition because it more accurately addresses the problems of race inequity in our country today. The biggest problem between the races right now is that the majority group has succeeded in keeping its economic and political power and not allowing other groups to share it.

Therefore, the problem we must address is how to go about sharing power and dismantling systems, which perpetuate our social inequities. These inequities include a vast difference in income, education, life expectancy, and so on. These are the strongest evidence of racism in our country that have allowed our society to continue to have mostly segregated neighborhoods, segregated classrooms if not segregated schools, segregated churches, and segregated social institutions.

Now I propose a solution that I am assured will come to pass as a new and more safer way of life for all Americans. This new structured lifestyle that all will eventually succumb to will provide those individuals the ease and comfort in which all can exist in this country. As I have mentioned above this country is mostly segregated, so why don t we complete the process and segregate all of the country. It s simply really; by segregating the country into different categories, first primarily on race, we can then generalize income, life expectancies, education, and political power. The separation of classes, or races, will in return bring a hormonal life style to those that live within those barriers or regions.

This separation of certain people can help bring people with the similar problems closer together. By sharing the similar problems a society of people can overcome obstacles that would not be possible in a desegregated society. The society of people share the same weaknesses and strengths, so together they can make themselves stronger individuals and a stronger society that enables them to overcome their weaknesses. Their weaknesses can be an economical barrier, low education, or lack of political power; none of these weaknesses would matter because they would all share the same level of poverty and education.

I will attempt to go about segregation of the country by dividing up the states among the different races of our fair nation. I will start with our friends from the south, being those of Spanish decent and language. They will in turn be given those states bordering Mexican with the small exception of Northern California. I see this region suiting them best since most of the fields they already work exist there. Along with this region suiting them is the fact that when their cousins rush over the border they won t have to be rerouted to the part of the country containing this particular race. To put this race anywhere else, say Michigan, would just be silly. Besides everyone knows Mexicans don t like the cold.

The next minority group, which took some careful consideration on where to place them, was the Asian and Pacific Islanders. I finally settled on Northern California along with Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. I figured this would be the logical place to put them. Their families could live in the Northern states while their children could attend the northern UC s which most already do. Another reason this being an ideal place for them is that many of these states rest on the cost, so we would not have to spend much on rice importation through the country.

As I continue on this simple remedy I m proposing I come along to the Jews. Although some countries have had difficulties in figuring what to do with these people I have came up with a great place to stick them. Florida, yes Florida would be a great place for them since I already hear that most of the old ones have already settled there it would not have to be that great of a move for the whole lot of them. Another thought did cross my mind in choosing this ideal spot for the Jews. If the case may be, not saying that it will, where we do need to get rid of the whole bunch, the simple matter of setting up explosives along Florida s border could be arranged. This creating a permanent block for the Jews until further matters of extermination or transportation could be arranged.

Our next fellow Americans that I will be discussing are the African Americans. This group was one of the easiest to place, I just thought of their early beginnings in this country and thought what better than the southern states of this fair nation. This entails Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and I decided to throw in Tennessee and Arkansas. Since they already have a rich history in this part of the country I thought it be only fitting to bring them back.

Lastly I come to whites, which have dominated this country as the majority since the beginning. I propose moving them all to the east coast and northern states of that region. This would include everything east of Michigan and Illinois, and north of Tennessee and North Carolina.

Now I have come to the one draw back of this great plan for America, what to do with everyone with more than one ethnicity? Do not worry I have already figured what to do with them. I call it the Bull s Eye Theory. Now what we do is move everyone that is interracial to the Midwest and Great Plains area and depending on how mixed they are will determine how far into the circles they will be moved. Imagine if you will a target similar to the one a person would throw darts at. Now people with only two mixtures would be placed on the farthest out circle then third mixtures would be placed in the second most farthest circle and so and so on. Leaving the most diverse people right smack in the middle. Now this is where you will see the true greatness of my plan, with all the interracial people set up on a target the easiness of dropping a few misfortunes on top of them would be no hassle. Along with the explosions the problem of interracial people in this Nation would be no more.

Now everyone can surely see why this plan must be taken in effect. First our nations racial tensions would disappear over night. Second communities would grow stronger as a result of everyone relating with similar social problems. Thirdly no child will have to go to school and worry about being bullied because of the color of his skin.

Fourthly a new sense of pride will cross over this Great Nation like a plague. Fifth higher standards all over the country be created due to this new pride in ones race. Lastly a new and more meaningful feeling will fall upon anyone who says the old phrase separate but equal , because now it will be true.

Giving this self assure proposal that someday all will live in, I can not see why it would fail us. It will work, it has to work. It s not like stiffer punishments on hate crimes would help: Or setting up racial tension groups in schools to ease the troubles of the students: Or

Putting bans on certain kinds of music that promotes racial slurs and stereotypes: Or going into low income racial discriminated neighborhoods and creating new jobs with government programs: Or bringing back Government programs which help minorities get better educations. Until any of these are capable of working do not bring them up to my solution or me.

I will conclude now with ease of mind knowing someday with the help of my proposal my future children will grow up in a country that has did away with racial bigotry. So that we all can look forward to something better than the bleak mess of racism.


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