Movie Delta Force

Movie: Delta Force – Suicide In Chinatown Essay, Research Paper

Movie: Delta Force – Suicide in Chinatown

There was a normal afternoon in Chinatown. Everybody was really interested

in Silvester Stalone’s new action movie that was being played for the first time

this weekend.

Delta Force was the movie. Stalone was acting as a very famous cop. He

became popular because one year before he killed all a group of terrorists that

was planning to put a bomb in the Empire State Building. Now he is fighting

against some bank robbers.

The critics and also the public were complaining about the violence that

the film shows. The critics said that too much blood and fights would incite a

bad behavior from the public.

Because of all these complaints the public opinion was discussing the

possibility of cut of some parts of the movie or even stop playing it.

During the 8:00pm movie session, one fact worked to decide quickly the


There were many couples in the movie theater and during one of the most

violent part of the film, a couple stood up and pulled out two gun machines that

were in a suitcase.

They were, apparently, a normal couple. The blond man using beard was

wearing sport clothes. He was carrying a medium black and white suitcase, from

where they pulled the gun. The woman was also young, may be working to 20 or 22

years old. She was wearing shorts and a red shirt.

She was the most nervous and she was the one who ordered everybody to

line on the floor and picked the guys as hostages.

When they ordered the hostages to line on the floor, one girl escaped

from the place and called the police.

The couple didn’t ask for anything special. They just began to scream

saying that they had the power and wanted the public attention.

Five minutes after the girl escape from the cinema, the police arrived.

There were more than fifteen police cars around the cinema, nobody could escape.

The sergeant got out of the car and began to negotiate with the couple, trying

to release the hostages safely. The sergeant asked how could he finish the

situation and the couple asked for a TV team to record something very important

to them.

The sergeant permitted the CNN team to go into the movie theater but,

for doing it, he asked the couple to release the half part of the hostages that

were there.

The guy accepted and when the CNN team went into the cinema he released

seventy-five people.

When the CNN group began to record the place, the couple put their

weapons on their own head and shot themselves. At this moment, everybody became

in panic. The police officers invaded the place and calmed the people that were


The 911 doctors tried to save the couple but the bullets in their head

were too much to them.

When the police was removing the dead body, a cop found a letter in the

man’s pocket that was telling that they loved too much each other but because

their parents didn’t like the romance they decided to die like Romeo and Juliet

but in a Silvester Stalone’s stile.

All this incident worked for stop the cinemas playing the movie. The court

decided that all the cinemas that were playing ?Delta Force? had to change the

film in exhibition. In additional, the couple’s parents sued the movie producers

using the argument that they incited violence with this movie.

At the moment we don’t know the judge results.


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