Gold Fish And The Fisherman Essay Research

Gold Fish And The Fisherman Essay, Research Paper

The Gold Fish And The Fisherman

Once upon a time there was an old man named `Ko’. Ko was a fifty-year

old fisherman. He liked children very much but unfortunately he and his

wife Jean did not have any of their own. Sometimes he felt quite lonely at

home. Ko and Jean lived close to the harbour. One thing that Ko did not

like about Jean was her temper. Very often she yelled at him for no reason

at all.

One morning while Ko was still sleeping Jean yelled at him, “Wake up!

Its very late now. You should go fishing. Every day you go fishing and do

not become bored. Why don’t you build a house in the middle of the ocean?”

said Jean said with much criticism.

Ko did not reply.

“Hey! do you hear me?” asked Jean.

“Yes dear,” Ko replied.

“Then why didn’t you answer me? Some day you’re going to drive me

crazy”, said Jean.

“I was waiting for you to finish talking. Don’t be so angry. I’m

leaving right now”, said Ko.

Ko quickly got dressed and left for the harbour. On his way to the

harbour he met his good friend `Sun’. As they were walking down the trail

to their fishing boats they started a conversation.

“Hey, today’s weather is very good eh? I bet there will be a lot of

fish,” said Sun.

“It’s hard to say nowadays. During this season we can’t tell if there

will be any fish,” replied Ko.

“Yes, I agree. During the last few days it appeared as though the

fish were all hiding. You’re lucky that you only have a wife to feed while

I have a whole family to take care of. Sometimes my whole family had to

starve if there was no fish.”, said Sun.

“Don’t say that. To me I think we’re all the same. As a matter of

fact I think you are more fortunate than I.”, said Ko.

“Why? ” asked Sun.

“At least you have grand children and family members. In fact you

don’t even have to go fishing anymore,” said Ko.

“No way! Fishing is my hobby. I’ve been fishing for many years. If I

stop fishing suddenly I just don’t feel comfortable,” said Sun.

“Isn’t that the truth? Just look at the ocean. It’s beautiful isn’t

it?” said Ko.

“It sure is” answered Sun.

Ko and Sun had arrived at their boat. They wish each other good luck.

Then they got on to there boats.

The day passed very quickly and soon it was sunset. Ko lifted his

last net to see if he had caught anymore fish. When he pulled up the net

he noticed he had caught a Gold Fish.

“This is strange! I didn’t know that there were Gold Fish in the



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