How To Get Married And Stay Married

To The Perfect Mate!! Essay, Research Paper

How To Get Married and Stay Married To The Perfect Mate!!

This book will talk about the ways and theories of how to stay married

one you are married. It will cover stuff like communication, similarity,

physical attractiveness, similarity, balance and equity theory, and proximity.

Communication is important in relationships. I will cover the aspects of

non-verbal and verbal communications. In the book I will convey the differences

in the way men and woman think and this will help give a better understanding of

each other and will in turn allow them to work out their problems effectively…

Another aspect I will talk about is the reinforcement theory. This

theory talks about the fact that you will like someone who positively reinforces

you. I will talk about how this theory can be used in marriages to keep couple

closer together, keeping them liking each other.

In my book, I will also talk about the balance theory. The balance

theory is the notion that people have the same negative and positive ways of

thinking.. When this is not so, you have an imbalance which can disrupt a

relationship. I will talk about how a couple can use the balance theory to make

sure that they will be happy.

Another theory I will talk about is the equity theory. This theory

dictates that people will be more attracted to someone that they have a fair

relationship with. It states that we will be happier with a person who takes as

much as they give to us. Over a long term relationship, like marriage, this is

important because both husband and wife feel that they are approximately equal.

In my book I will talk about how to use this theory to makes sure that both

couples get the same out of the relationship.

I will also talk about proximity in my book. Proximity talks about being

near to your partner. It is important because if one partner is away all the

time, the couple will not become as close. I will deal with the aspect of how to

stay in close proximity with your partner and this will lead to a closer

relationship between the two. It is also important to start a relationship with

someone who is near to you because this will allow the relationship to better

develop itself.

Also, there must be similarity between the couples. In my book I will

talk about finding someone who has similar interests and traits. When two people

are similar, the more likely they are to be attracted to each other and the more

likely they are to be happy while they are dating and when they are married.

The last thing I will talk about in my book is physical attractiveness.

Like most people, physical attractiveness is important to me. Physical

attractiveness is important and in my book I will talk about people thinking

that once they are married that they do not have to look good anymore and I

will also talk about marrying someone who you are attracted to. People have to

continue to take pride in their looks when they are married and this in turn

will make for a happier relationship.

In conclusion, my book will take all the aspects mentioned above into

account which will help people pick the right mate and help them stay married to

this person. I believe this book to be a best seller and look forward to getting

the $100 000 royalty check from you in the near future so I can start writing my



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