Jane Erye Essay Research Paper Kino lives

Jane Erye Essay, Research Paper

Kino lives in the shore with his family, he was a fisherman. When the morning comes he can hear the song of the family which includes the sounds of waves and animals that surrounded them. Juana his wife had a song too, an ancient song that had only three notes and yet endless variety of interval. One day their baby , Coyotito got stung by an scorpion a deadly poisonous, tiny creature the couple was panicked and didn?t know what to do. Their neighbors help them to get to a doctor but it seems that the doctor was very mean to poor people. There is this other song too which is the song of enemy, they heard it when they have a problems. There is this beggars actually, four of them in front of the church who knew everything in the town. They were students of expressions of young as they went into confession. When they got into the house of the doctor Kino hesitated a moment because this doctor was not of his people. The gate was closed a little and the servant refused to speak in the old language. They never got to speak to the doctor with Kino?s anger. He struck the gate a crushing blow with his fist.

Kino own a canoe which was owned by his Grandpa and give it to his father and passed to Kino it was the one thing of value he owned in the world. Kino found a pearl a silvery pearl he seemed to saw the great oyster for the first time. His wife was so very excited when he saw the pearl and she could not want to hold it. Before he found the pearl he heard the song of the pearl but in the song there was a secret, little inner song., hardly perceptible, but always there sweet and secret and clinging.

The town lay on a broad, zstuary, its old yellow plastered buildings hugging the beach. On the beach the hungry dogs and the hungry plgs of the town searched cudlessly for any dead fish or sea bird that might have floated on a rising tide.

The news that Kino found a pearl was all over the town. A town is like a colonial animal. A town has as nervous system and a head and shoulders and feet. Before Kino and Juana and the other fishers had come to Kino?s brush house, the nerves of the town were pulsing and vibrating with he news, Kino had found the Pearl of the World. The news came to the priest walking in his garden, and it put a thoughtful look in his eyes, and a memory of certain repairs necessary to the church. He wondered what would the pearl he worth. And he wondered whether his child Coyotito baptized already. Or if he got worried in church. The news came to the shopkeepers they looked at men?s clothes that had not sold so well. The news came to the doctor whether he has been cured his baby; The doctor remember the things he?d experienced in Paris all the luxurious room he had been slept the restaurant with a waiter holding a bottle of wine. He can allthis if he have the pearl. In the town, in little office sat the men who bought pearls from fishers. They waited in their chairs until the pearls came in. Every man suddenly became related to Kino?s pearl, and Kino?s pearl went into dreams, speculations the schemes, plans, futures, wishes and needs; Kino planned to get a good education for his child to able to know everything. He also wanted to be married in Church. The doctor came in their house and spoke to Kino if he could cure his baby but Kino wasn?t so sure about the doctor . He had no chances but to take it. The doctor was very much like with the pearl he asked Kino if he could keep the pearl in their house. In return to the help of the doctor Kino would pay him. If he could sell the pearl. Juana plan to make the pearl cause she taught that the pearl was a threat to them and it could bring bad luck.

It was known in the early morning through the whole town that was going to sell his pearl that day. It was known outside and inside the town. An appraiser tying to buy the pearl by a 1000 pesos but Kino doesn?t like it. When the appraiser, first saw the pearl he was not surprised nor excited. Then there were these three other pearl buyer who was not amazed. With pearl also Kino knew they were not just not trying to know . Kino would sell the pearl by a cheap price. His brother Juan Thomas was always beside him to help him give advice on what he should do about his life.

But Kino was a very forceful and couldn?t give up n selling the pearl in high price. He is gonna sell it in the capital and in the morning and passe all the problems in life..


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