Colby Bryant Essay Research Paper Colby Bryant

Colby Bryant Essay, Research Paper

Colby Bryant In a Philadelphia high school, a small secret wasdiscovered. An eighteen year old kid, a honor roll studentwas found. Though his intellect was awesome, he was foundby reasons of his athletic prowess. I m a big Lakers fanand was really excited when finding out they drafted a sixfoot seven shooting guard form high school. Kobe Bryant was plucked from high school and thrustinto the world of the NBA at the age of eighteen. His firstyear, I watched he and the Lakers have a playoff seasonwhich ended because of how young they al were. Kobe rodethe bench last year which was expected, only playing garbagetime and averaging five points a game. Still though,announcers were estatic about a kid they never saw play. I was too. Each time he touched the ball you knew you weregoing to see something special. This year the Lakers share with Seattle, the bestrecord in the NBA and Kobe has become famous. In his secondseason Kobe averaged seventeen minutes a game and twentypoints a game. That s more than many starters. DellHarris, the Lakers coach, was questioned about not starting Troncoso 2Kobe and his response was that Kobe needs to be sheltered

now. I understand. As much as they try and shelter himthough, his talent eclipses the shelter. Kobe has beentouted by basketball analysts as the next Jordan. Kobe, tonight you scored thirty three points againstMichael Jordan. What do you think about everyone saying youare the next Jordan? asked Dick Stockton, a reporter forTNT. On the court he looks like a veteran player, but hiswide grin and in his street clothes you realize he is reallyan awe struck nineteen year old kid who just wants to play. Every one has been waiting for this game, because of allthe hype. But this is what basketball is all about, I justcame our tonight and played against my idol. Remember, hescored thirty six. I just did what I could do for the team. replied Kobe. Dell Harris was quoted as saying on some interview Iwatched on ESPN. He said that Kobe is not the nextJordan. He s the first Kobe. He has to be his own playerand the fans and media need to let him grow. Kobe Bryant could maybe be the next great player in theNBA cause he is really good. I think he will transcend thesport just like Jordan, but he will definitely need time. We as fans have to let Kobe grow. And we have to enjoy justwatching a kid from Philadelphia do what he loves. Play.


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