Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire-Book

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Harry Potter

The Time The Story Takes Place and Setting

This story takes place at the present time. It takes place over the course of one year. It all starts at a small town outside London, then moves to an enchanted castle, located in a the middle of Britain. The castle is very large and would take hours to describe in detail. It has secret passages, doors that can move, and suits of armour that can get up and walk around. It has four large towers, and a dungeon in which Potions class is held for the pupils. The castle is actually a large school by the name of “Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Hogwart is surrounded by a forbidden forest, which has werewolves and giant spiders in it. The students go to school at the castle, and it is set up like an English boarding school. The school also has a large lake beside it. It is fathoms deep, and has many magical creatures in it, from Hinkypunks, to Merpeople.


(1) Dominant

The main character in this story is Harry Potter. He is a fourteen year old boy, and the extraordinary thing about him is that he is a magician. He is very famous, because when he was one year old he defeated the most powerful evil sorcerer of the time. The person he defeated was named Voldemort, and he died after killing Harry’s parents and turning on him. Voldemort had many supporters, and after he was weakened and almost lifeless most pretended to be under a spell and to have seen the error of their ways. Harry was an exceptionally good Quiditch player. Quiditch is a game for wizards played while flying on broomsticks, they try and catch balls and put them through hoops, kind of like basketball on brooms.


The secondary main characters are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Ron is from a long line of wizards, and has a large family. Hermione Granger is the smartest witch in her year. She has top marks in everything. She is also a muggle, which means she doesnt have any magical blood in her, she comes from a family that doesnt know about magic. Both of them are Harry’s best friends, and they are almost inseperable. They are the ones that help Harry with the tasks he has.

(3) Sub-Ordinate

There are many sobordinate characters in this book. I will name a few of them here, but there are probably thirty or so extra characters that do play a mediocre part in the story line. The first I will name is Dumbledore. He is the headmaster of Hogwarts school, and he is a close person to Harry. He helps Harry with many problems,. And Harry idolizes him. He is very old, and has a long beard and even longer hair. All his hair is silver and he has a nose that is crooked. The second character I will name is Draco Malfoy. He is Harry’s nemesis at the school. He tries to cause harry as much inconvenience as possible and is mixed up in many of the Dark Arts. The third group of characters I will name are the Dursleys. They are the people that took Harry in when his parents died, and they treat him like dirt. They send him old socks for Christmas and toothpicks for his birthdays. All the Dursleys are terrified of magic, and they try their absolute best to pretend that harry is a normal boy. If Harry mentions anything related to magic in any way he is in lots of trouble, and so he probably will end up being confined to a closet that he has for a room. The lst character I will mention is Serius Black. He is Harry’s godfather, and a convicted murderer. He was Harry’s dads best friend when he was in Hogwarts, and the year before had been proven innocent by Harry, Ron, and Hermiones work. He constantly gives Harry advice, and it is his advice that helps Harry win the first task.


The basic conflict in this story is underlying through all four Harry Potter books. It is against Lord Voldemort, the evil wizard. All four novels contain this theme, and Harry, in each novel, fights against Voldemort and wins. In this story Voldemort transports Harry to another place, and fights him at an unknown location. Harry defeats Lord Voldemort a third time, all because of a bad spell. When Harry tried to attack Voldemort, and Voldemrot tried to attack back the wands locked in a kind of magical trance, and one wand regurgitates all the spells it has previously done. For example if Voldemort murdered someone a memory of the person would come out of the wand. This is the basic conflict in the story.

The beginning situation for this novel was at the World Cup, for Quiditch. Ron invited Harry to come over to his house for the last two weeks of summer, and they go to the Quiditch World Cup. While they were at the Cup many of Voldemorts old supporters started to make trouble. This is the start of the whole story.

The complicating incident in this story was when Harry was chosen to be a part of the Triwizard Tournament. This is a tournament where three wizards, one from each of the leading magical schools, compete for the Triwizard trophy, and 1000 Galleons (a large sum of wizard money). Harry is underage to be chosen for the tournament but another person put his name in for him and he was chosen to compete.

The resolution and conclusion of this novel were all wound together, and it all unfolded when Harry was transported from Hogwarts to the spot where Voldemort was. Once Harry was transported Voldemort explained everything to him, how everything odd that had happened to him that yearhad come to fit into Voldemort’s plan to kill him. In the end Voldemort fought against Harry, and a very advanced spell that Harry’s mother had cast over him protected him from Voldemort long enough for him to escape.


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