Othello Essay Research Paper OTHELLOIn his writing

Othello Essay, Research Paper


In his writing Shakespeare has a way of revealing his view on debatable situations, as do most writers. In Othello there are numerous examples that prove this to be true. Othello aids in getting across one of the play’s most important messages that stereotypes placed on people are not always true. Shakespeare poses Othello as a model citizen and gives Iago the qualities of a typical black man.

Although Othello is black, he is able to overcome the typical presentation of being a corrupt person. He is one of Shakespeare?s most romantic heroes. This is partly due to the strange life of war and adventure he has lived since childhood. Othello is solemn, self-controlled, and steeled by the experience of countless perils, hardships, and vicissitudes. He has complete confidence in himself; so much that he is unrivaled. He proves this with his admirable restraint with Brabantio?s charge of witchcraft. Othello is honest and very trusting. His trust is absolute, which is a misjudgment with Iago. Othello is a Christian and is very much in love with Desdemona, who shares his faith. His love for her is matchless and unexplainable. Shakespeare also portrays Othello as a very nice Moorish General, who is caring towards his white soldiers. At the end of the play, Othello proves himself to be a noble character. He stabs himself in justification for all he has done. He is a good man who makes the mistake of being to loving and too trusting. Othello?s deeds are symbolic of his character. He upholds his reputation by doing what he perceives to be the right thing. Othello?s nobility and misconceptions are obvious when analyzing his character.

It is a prominent misconception that most whites possess higher moral values than their black counterparts. Shakespeare makes an exception to this perception and characterizes Iago as an evil person. Iago is very angry with Othello for not making him second in command. Therefore, he is dedicated to revenge. He nearly accomplishes his plan because of his power and uncanny ability to fabricate the truth. Iago invents situations trying to place false accusations on Desdemona. He has Othello hide in the bushes while he and Cassio talk about Cassio?s mistress. Othello believes that Cassio is speaking about Desdemona and accuses her of infidelity. Othello has confidence in Iago, unaware that this feature of his character has left him looking foolish. Iago uses offensive language and enjoys alcohol. He lacks self-esteem, which is the reason for his behavior. Iago destroys himself with all of the corruptive and evil deeds he is able to temporarily achieve. In Othello, Iago is primarily a mean person to whom the audience can not relate.

A major theme in Othello is due to the characteristics and personalities of both Iago and Othello. When Shakespeare positions Othello as the virtuous man and Iago as the evil man he has a message in mind. Just because Othello is black, he is not necessarily an evil person, however Iago?s white skin doesn?t constitute good moral character. Shakespeare attempts to make a point that skin color has nothing to do with attitude or character. The world?s view of black people is unjust. There is just as much bad and evil in white people as there is in black people. Race has nothing to do with morals and character. Some of the world?s most prominent people are black. One should not judge a person by the color of his skin. He should get to know the person before assuming the worst or the best.


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