Canevin Theater Essay Research Paper Canevin Catholic

Canevin Theater Essay, Research Paper

Canevin Catholic High School offers many extra curricular activities. Those

students geared toward the physical challenges may choose from various athletic

programs such as, basketball, soccer, and football. On the other hand, there are

additional activities for those more interested in a mental challenge. These

students may join such organizations anywhere from FBLA to Forensics. However,

of all the extra curricular activities offered by Canevin, none excites me more

than Dramatics. This paper takes a look at my last three years involvement in

the annual musical productions here at Canevin. Traditionally, Canevin’s

dramatics has been a full-scale musical production performed in the spring.

Students may audition for chorus, acting or dancing parts or they may join one

of the many stage crews. During freshman year, I tried out for the musical

"Working." "Working" depicted different careers through

dialogue, song and dance. To my surprise, I made callbacks. When the cast list

was posted, the role of Anthony Polazzo, the Mason, was awarded to me. After

weeks of hard work and rehearsals, it was finally opening night. From that time

on, I realized Dramatics was for me. The following year, the start-up meeting

could not arrive fast enough for me. The play selected for my sophomore year was

"Damn Yankees." The musical’s main character was Joe Hardy. Joe wanted

so drastically to play baseball for the Washington Senators, that he was willing

to sell his soul to the devil. When the cast list was posted this time, I was

assigned to play the role of Mr. Welch. As owner of the Washington Senator’s, I

was expected to portray a prestigious and confident businessman who enjoyed his

cigars. In one short year, I went from a mason in overalls, to a baseball team

owner decked out in a suit and tie. That’s show business! "Into the

Woods" was selected as the musical for the following year. The story line

included various adaptations of traditional fairy tales. Well, if mason to owner

wasn’t extreme enough, what would you say about Cinderella’s father? Junior year

found me playing the character of an older man who marries for the second time,

to a woman with two nagging daughters. In a house of four women, no wonder he

resorted to drinking. Directed to use a silver flask as a prop and a fair amount

of improvisation of libations, I portrayed the character of Cinderella’s father

as a drunk. When the final curtain came down closing night on "Into the

Woods," there was, however, one more performance still to come. This year

Canevin had been nominated for 6 Gene Kelly Awards, including Best Musical in

Budget Level 2. The Gene Kelly Awards sponsored by Pittsburgh’s Civic Light

Opera recognizes students for excellence in High School musical theater. On the

night of the awards, those schools nominated for Best Show perform on the

Benedum stage a selection from their production. Extra rehearsals were

scheduled, and a final practice with the Benedum orchestra was needed. I am

proud to announce that Canevin was awarded the Gene Kelly for Best Costume

Design and Best Musical in our division. Additionally, each year two students

are asked to represent their school in a final production number. This

prestigious honor is always given to two seniors. Unfortunately, this year, two

of the practices fell during graduation activities. Since 5 rehearsals are

mandatory, our director, Treva Rueso made her selections from the junior cast

members. A fellow junior and I were ecstatic to be chosen to join members from

all the participating schools in the final production number, "Keep Your

Eyes on the Goal." The plethora of ecstatic people applauding at the close

of the Gene Kelly’s was phenomenal. It was indeed an honor to represent Canevin

in this collaboration of students exercising their many talents. I have

experienced many gratifying moments in my years at Canevin, but few have been as

electrifying as sharing with fellow cast and crew members their ability,

courage, and commitment in creating the annual school musical. The Dramatic

program continues to surprise its supporters with innovative musical theater.

Through my experience in putting on a musical, I have learned what it means to

work as a team. The camaraderie was intense and rewarding. I look forward to

this year’s production of "My Fair Lady," and to once again contribute

and experience the magic of the stage.

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