CLONING Essay Research Paper Ryan JohansenDr T

CLONING Essay, Research Paper

Ryan Johansen

Dr. T. James

ENC 1101

M,W,F 10:00


Did we go to far?

The idea of cloning in the eighties required multiple reproduction of specialized

cells. Even then, the possibility of cloning was impossible. Recently, scientists cloned a

lamb, simply by replicating the cell in the skin tissue. The success of cloning a lamb

gives us endless possibilities of human cloning.

One important question is the individualism of the clone. The clone and the

individual are identical but are now living two different lives. This is unfair because the

clone would now have an identity or a family. This technology is too new therefor can

bring about many controversies. Whether we are Cloning plants, animals, or human, it is

morally wrong to play the role of a creator. Not only is cloning immorally wrong, but

there are many bad things of having such a technology available.

Humanity has always feared chaos and destruction. Cloning can open doors to

catastrophe, such as, surplus, safety hazards, and low values. If cloning were legalized,

then one possible effect would be over population. Laws of Nature states that each

individual has a fate and a cycle. By cloning, we are intervening with nature?s cycle, and

this can cause chaos and disorder. Like not knowing who is who, stealing, finacial

problems with credit, and problems even with schooling,? like sending my clone to

school and doing my work while I sit at home and do what ever I want?. Our country is

well overpopulated, and cloning of humans can only contribute to this problem. Besides

overpopulation, there is also a question of safety. Is it safe to eat cloned food? We

neglect the possibilities of harm because we are completely overwhelmed by this

technology that we forget the hazards of cloning. The safety of the food is important to

the health of Americans and of the country. The most important danger to cloning is

counterfeiting of certain value collateral. If the replica of gold, silver, or diamond were

possible, then the value of a dollar would be worthless. When the value of a dollar

decreases, market value decreases as well, thus resulting in a market crash. A repeat of

1927 Stock Market crash will give rise to chaos in the economy.

Although the idea of cloning is immoral and possibly harmful, there are benefits

to this new technology. The first idea is species diversity. Environmentalist and Green

Peace talk of extinction with in a group of species. With the help of cloning, we can

increase species population and fill the earth with beautiful creatures once more.

Another great aspect of cloning is replicating better growing, healthier, and good

tasting food. Each year, farms throw away millions of tons of fruits due to pesticides,

acid rain, droughts, and insects. Now, scientist can clone better growing food so we can

maximize productivity in our land and resources. This also raises the idea of cloning

healthier food. This idea can help people eat healthier, and result in the longevity of

one?s life.

Cloning can also contribute greatly in the field of medicines well. With this new

technology, we can clone medicine, or antibody cells in a person?s body to help fight

bacteria and viruses. Doctors can clone herbs and plants to make better medicine for sick

patients. Benefits are endless, and cloning can make it all happen.

Years ago, people laughed at the idea of cloning and replicating things. Now

those ideas have become a reality, and issues are raised of the new technology to be

legalized. Though technology has given us the ability to create human adults, it is not

our job to play the creator of species, that is not a natural act and toy with human lives.

Another aspect of morality and harm is the issue of safety. Is cloning safe for the people

and the country?

From fear of over population to safety of a clone, it is unlikely that cloning will be

permitted. Scientists, however, see a more prominent future for this new technology.

They argue that cloning can bring benefits to humankind and for the future. Such

benefits like increase in species diversity, healthier food, and better medicine are only a

few wonders of this new technology. It might be contradictory but I fell that we do not

really need this new technology. We have survived for two centuries without this

technology, so why add more problems to our lives? It is true that cloning can benefit

us, but he harms outweighs the benefits. I feel that technology has surpassed all human

values, and think that sometimes we need it to stop and think, ?Did we go too far??


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