HillBilly Doctor Essay Research Paper My book

HillBilly Doctor Essay, Research Paper

My book is called Hill Billy Doctor by Elizabeth Seifert. I really enjoyed this book. I

thought it was a very well written. If I had to rate this book I would give it a 9.2. I

just couldn’t wait until the end not because it was boring but that it was very

interesting. When I first started the book I thought it would be boring. Then I gave it

a chance it was the second best novel i’ve ever read. The Andromedia Strain being

first. The book starts off by telling the story of one Dr. Bill Mulvaney and how he has

never despised any of his patients. How for today he acually felt akin to his patients.

How this would be the first and the last time this would ever happen. It describes

the kind of people that come into the clinic. It was at this point that I wanted to quit

reading but I didnt because this assignment. It describes people as following.

Decent people trying to recover from an accident or a misstep. Furtive people that

come because they are drew by fearor they must have thier card from the

courthouse signed. At this point I had to get a dictionary out because I didnt

understand the meanings of the words. And Frightened people whohave came for

the first time.

The book was getting really boring at this point. so I put it down for

a day. I then read some more and put it back down. It was going into detailof how

the nurse looked. When I finally started reading agon this is what happened. It said

the only thing his patients had in common was the fear of what life had in store for

them. Bill Mulvaney was also scared for his own reasons. There were to many

doctors training and not enough room for them all. Miss Sally Horton she was a

nurse at the clinic. She greeted the doctor this moning with the phrase your late.

According to the book she has a special place in his heart.

As said before the first

words out of her mouth when she saw him was your late.he quickly glanced at his

watch to reassure hisself that he was not. He replied to her and said that she was just

overanxious. It described her as a really tiny thing with light brown hair and clear gray eyes.

To me she sounds like you typical lead girl in every movie. Smart, beautiful, and has a good

figure. Well you get teh picture back to the book.

Dr. Mulvaney then quickly glances at

Miss Horton. While he shuffles through the cards to see who is new. Then he did something

strange. He called her Sara. She knew when he called her that that he wasn’t his normal

self today. Usually he calls her Queen Victoria or somthing of that sort. Now he goes in to

see a patient. Dr. Mulvaney tells Miss Horton to call mens medical and get his patient a


There were not any free rooms in mens health so he had to be sent to the city

hospital. The patient resisted but eventually went in an ambulance. Dr. Mulvaney was

worried about leaving about how he would miss his patients. The way hje helped them get

back on the right path in life. As he left for lunch Sara put her hand over her throat. She

is trying to find a way to get him to stay. At this point in the book is where I started liking it

I could relate it to my own life.

It was five o’clock in the evening now and the clinic is

closed. It stated that Bill will be at the hospital. After all he had no job to go to and

he was in debt. Yet he was as proud as a mancould possibly be. Ever since the dance

last Christmas, Sara knew Bill was in love with her. She could hardly contain herself,

but they both agreed until his carrear was up and going there would be no

engagment in a relationship. Nor even talk of it.

She was trying so hard to find a way

to keep him hers. She wanted him to stay and be with her. They were both friends

and they had been since two years ago. They had to share the night duty at the

Pschopathic ward. The had to lean on each other for reassurance. They have been in

love ever since that night.

In conclusion I thought that it was a really good book it was

really interesting nad i enjoyed reading it. I hope your not to harsh on my spelling because

I cant find a dictionary at home. Well have a nice day THE END


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