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Interesting Times Essay, Research Paper

Interesting Times

Interesting Times takes place on a world called Discworld. Discworld is flat and circular and sits on the back of four elephants. The elephants stand on the back of a flying turtle. The character’s in the book are; Rincewind, a wizzard(yes that’s right,wizzard) who is fluent in many languages, and a failure as a wizard, so he wears a hat that says wizard,

Cohen the Barbarian, leader of the band of 80 year old barbarians, Mr.Saveloy, former teacher and educator of Cohen’s band in the ways of the civilized, DEATH, one of the 4 riders of the apocalypse, nice guy if you get to know him, Luggage, a walking, eating, slobbering, piece of luggage that is loyal to Rincewind, and the emperors Hong, Sung, Fang, Tang, and McSweeny.

Rincewind is living with luggage on a little island in the middle of nowhere when he is summoned to the Unseen University because they received a note with a typo requesting a wizzard. Rincewind goes to the Agatean Empire and meets up with Cohen the Barbarian and his horde of eight 80-year-old warriors. He walks with them until they reach the city of Agetea, where he meets a group of rebels who are trying to turn the government into what the farmers want.

Meanwhile, Cohen and his men decided to take the kingdom over and control the empire. The Horde breaks into to the palace with the help of Mr.Saveloy. They kill Emperor McSweeny, who is the grand emperor of the Agatean empire. The people in the palace are appalled at the behavior of the Barbarians.

Emperor Hong camps outside the building and challenges Cohen to a battle; his horde v.s. The Horde. The Horde goes out in their uniform, with Mr.Saveloy.

Rincewind tries to escape the city, but falls through an underground drain system. The ground collapses and he finds himself in a very dark cave with a suit of armor in front of him. He puts it on and is instantly transported onto the battlefield. As he moves upwards, through the ground, huge stone golems rise as well. When he moves, the golems move. Also, Rincewind controls a tiny butterfly that controls the weather. Hong is defeated and the empire is in the hands of the rebels and Cohen’s men. Rincewind returns to his island and lives, once again, in peace.


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