Curious George And The Man In The

Yellow Hat Essay, Research Paper

Through Thick and Thin

Friends are appreciated the most in times of need. They calm you down when you are stressed and comfort you when you cry but first and foremost they are there when you get in trouble. A couple of friends that are shining examples of sticking together in times of trouble are Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat. No matter what kind of trouble Curious George got into the Man in the Yellow Hat was always there to bail him out.

There were many times when George has somehow gotten himself into trouble. For instance when he and the Man in the Yellow Hat went downtown. As they were walking by stores Curious George spotted a store full of small knickknacks. All of the knickknacks fascinated George so much that he couldn’t resist taking a look inside so he wandered away from the Man in the Yellow Hat. Soon after he entered the store he began to play with everything in sight and everything he picked up was broken before he set it back down. The storeowner eventually spotted George and saw all the things he had broken. Although George was very sorry the storeowner insisted on being paid. A little while late the Man in the Yellow Hat came in looking very exhausted and said he had been looking for George all over. George began to explain his predicament to the Man in the Yellow Hat and the Man in the Yellow Hat offered to pay for it all. What George didn’t know however is that the Man in the Yellow Hat paid for the damages with the money he had been saving up for a new hat that he wanted very badly.

This touching friendship goes both ways however. For example when the Man in the Yellow Hat went to work one day and forgot his briefcase. On this particular day George was supposed to go on a field trip that he had been waiting a very long time for but he decided to bring the Man in the Yellow Hat his briefcase instead. George had to search downtown for hours to find where the Man in the Yellow Hat worked. When he finally got there the Man in the Yellow Hat told him he didn’t need the briefcase that day but he would buy George some ice cream for showing such effort and being such a good friend.

There are times however when things go badly for these two. A certain case of this comes to mind when they were looking for gifts for each other one Christmas. The Man in the Yellow Hat knew that the thing George wanted the most was a coat for his teddy bear. But he had no money so he decided to sell his yellow hat for the money knowing how happy George would be with the coat. George was also out shopping for a gift for the Man in the Yellow Hat and he knew that his friend wanted a strap to keep his hat from falling off. Unfortunately George had no money so he sold his teddy bear to pay for the strap. When Christmas day came and the two saw what they had done for each other they decided that all they needed was each other’s friendship because that was the best gift of all.

These two friends have done almost everything for each other and not regretted it for a moment. They are prime examples of what friends should be and how they should act. These two great friends have always been there for each other and had stuck around through thick and thin.


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