Macbeth Essay Research Paper Sleep no more

Macbeth Essay, Research Paper

?Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep? (2, 2, 47) These are words speaking

of an evil person. As much of the play Macbeth is about. The play starts with evil, the

three witches burrying different wierd objects. As well as throughout the majority of the

play, evil is the basis of all within this story.

The blood in this story is evil. And I don?t mean the blood which pours from a

dying king. I mean blood in the sense of gore, and violence. The whole play it self is full

of fights. The plot goes from a fight to a scence that plans a fight, to a fight, to a scene

with more planning or reflection. It?s a viscious cycle in this play. It?s all violence. I

suppose that would be ok if your making an action movie staring Arnold Schwarzeneger,

but this is supposed to be a classic, a tragedy, the only tragedy was that it sucked. A

playwrite such as Shakespeare wouldn?t have wrote a play of just violence. He actually

has good content in his plays. Although there is a bit of good content in this play.

There?s just no transition of it within the play. It hardly makes any sense. All of this

further makes me believe that there are scenes missing.

The witches are pure evil as well. they are the ones who filled Macbeth?s head

with all these visions of power. Which in turn transformed Macbeth into a psychotic

killing machine. Before he met the witches, he was an innocent warrior, an honorable

fighter of the king. But once the witches filled him with greed, he no longer was a loyalist

of the king. He in a short period of time pulled a hundred and eighty degree turn and did

the furthest thing from loyal he possibly could of done to the king, he killed him in his

sleep. And if that isn?t evil enough, he blamed it on two loyal, innocent gaurds, and

slaughtered them on the spot.

Lady Macbeth is as well pure evil. She is the persuassion behind Macbeth. He

would never of murdered Duncan if Lady Macbeth hadn?t persuaded him to. Macbeth

was too full o? the milk of human kindness. Perhaps Macbeth would have received the

throne loyaly and honorably to begin with. Many times Macbeth had tried to back down

from killing Duncan, but Lady Macbeth wouldn?t of let that happen. She made fun of him,

called him down. She did what was necessary to keep him from chickening out. Perhaps

Macbeth did whatever she told him to because of sex. Lady Macbeth certainly is made

out to be a very sexy woman in the play. She may have used her powers of sex to

persuade her husband to perform the irreversible deeds. The murder of Duncan caused a

chain effect on Macbeth, making it necessary (in Macbeth?s eyes) to kill Banquo,

Macduff?s wife and children, and all the other innocent casualties.

Although there are many evil objects in this play, the most evil of them all is greed.

No matter who was more influenced by this power, Lady Macbeth to become queen or

Macbeth to become king, it caused this whole predicament. If Macbeth didn?t care at all

about becoming the king, he probably wouldn?t have murdered Duncan to become king,

and to later have his life fall apart.

Throughout the play Macbeth, there were many very evil people, places, and

things. The evil in in the play was a domino effect. Starting with the withches, and ending

with Macduff taking Macbeth?s head. The evil, be it the witches, his wife, or greed, ended

it with a blood bath of revenge.


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